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  • 3D Scanner Support 3D Scanner Support

    48 3D Scanner Users

    Latest Activity: Apr 20, 2020

    3D Scanner Support for land surveyors is a Hub for asking questions and sharing projects using 3D scanners.  Support for 3D Scanners in land surveying. Shared resources, tips and tricks are discussed in this group. For surveyors who use 3D…

  • Cyanic Automation Cyanic Automation

    1 Member

    Latest Activity: Apr 29

    Cyanic Automation (Cyanic) is a boutique software development house based in Canada. Read more about our value…

  • Employment in Surveying Employment in Surveying

    36 Surveyors Seeking Employment

    Latest Activity: Dec 28, 2013

    Land Surveyors Employment Hub is the place to get involved if you are an unemployed surveyor looking for work or if you represent a company with available land surveying positions.

  • GeoEducators GeoEducators

    86 GeoEducators

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    GeoEducators Group Forum is a place for Professors of Surveying, Geomatics, Geodesy and Geography to share and discuss teaching materials, class projects, teaching models, projections and projects.

  • Government Surveyors Government Surveyors

    111 Government Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Government surveying and discussions related to surveyors who work for the government should be added to this group on Land Surveyors United

  • Job Search for Land Surveyors Job Search for Land Surveyors

    69 Members

    Latest Activity: Aug 22, 2022

    Land Surveyor Jobs Search and Share surveying related job leads with fellow surveyors looking for work locally, regionally, or nationally.  Discuss the survey job hunt in your area of the world.  Be…

  • Mentors in Land Surveying Mentors in Land Surveying

    1434 Surveying Mentors and Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2023


    Help Bridge the Learning Gap in Land Surveying

    It takes a long time to develop a well rounded professional.  


  • PDH Resources PDH Resources

    16 Continuing Education

    Latest Activity: Jul 3, 2021

    PDH Resources is a surveyor's support group for sharing resources and links to both offine and online PDH related information and continuing education for professional land surveyors.

  • PLS Exam Help PLS Exam Help

    22 Examiners

    Latest Activity: Sep 5, 2023

    Professional Land Surveyor Exam Help Hub for Land Surveyors is a global group for sharing and discussing exams and tests related to becoming licensed as a professional land surveyor, or being a student of land surveying. Ask questions and share…

  • Recruiter Central Recruiter Central

    68 Recruiters

    Latest Activity: Apr 12, 2021

    Recruiter Central is a Hub for Recruiters of Land Surveyors to Connect and help Surveyors Seeking Employment find Jobs and Opportunities in Land Surveying.

  • Résumé Review Résumé Review

    38 Land Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Résumé Review is a group for land surveyors to both share and review surveying related résumés and cover letters. This group will save land surveyors time and money.

  • Safety in Surveying Safety in Surveying

    35 Safe Land Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Mar 27, 2020

    Safety in Surveying is obviously as important as Safety is in any other context.  Safety in Surveying can be considered an insurance policy based on personal responsibility that may "guarantee" against injury and…

  • Student Surveyors Student Surveyors

    837 Student Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Jan 3, 2023

    Student Land Surveyors UNITE!  This hub is for surveying in schools and student surveyor support on Land Surveyors United. Join this group to share resources and tips for students of land surveying.  In this Hub for…

  • Surveying Jobs Surveying Jobs

    9 Members

    Latest Activity: Apr 25

    The Land Surveying Jobs Hub is a place where you can find the latest available surveyor employment opportunities, updated every hour from jobs boards all around the world.    If you have available surveying jobs, please post them…

  • Surveyor Placement Services Surveyor Placement Services

    30 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Elevate Your Position
    be ready..... you never know when something great will come along

  • Surveyor Publications Surveyor Publications

    10 Surveyor Publication Representatives

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Surveyor Publications Hub & Forum is for highlighting the latest stories and industry news in the surveying industry found in professional geospatial magazines.

  • The Field Crew The Field Crew

    1042 Land Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Feb 12

    The Field Crew is a Land Surveying How-to Support Group. In this Hub, you can ask questions about "How to" perform certain tasks or…

  • Unemployed Surveyors Unemployed Surveyors

    168 Unemployed Land Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Jul 26, 2019

    Unemployed Land Surveyors Hub is a place for Land Surveyors United members to find and share Surveying Jobs. If you are a currently unemployed surveyor who…

Surveyor Knowledge Exchange

Find targeted help for Surveying Topics and Equipment

Find targeted help for any surveying topic by following the hubs dedicated to topics you are interested in.

Hubs and Forums for Land Surveying TopicsHubs (formerly Group Forums in the old site) have been added by members over the years on practically every Land Surveying Topic imaginable.  If you are looking for specific advice, simply ask your question inside the appropriate hub forum.  Every hub has followers who are interested in the topic.   You'll have greater success asking for targeted feedback by asking to the right audience.  

Members can also use various mobile apps inside the Surveyor App Suite to ask questions, share photos and videos and interact with Hubs from the field.Also check out our growing collection of Surveyor Crew Apps.

Land Surveyor Support

Find Support for Survey Equipment and Software

Land Surveyor Support HubsHubs inside this module are for Land Surveyors who need help and support in some way.  If you are looking for Equipment Support, help finding employment in surveying, need help with your website or any other type of support a surveyor might need, you'll find helpful communities inside this set of hubs.

Location Based Hubs for Surveyors

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Location Based Chapter Hubs for Land SurveyorsLocation Based Chapter Hubs can be found within the tabs in this module.  First, find and select your region, then find the hub for your location and go there.  Next, look for the Follow button and press it.  You can now use the app to track discussions locally and share local stories, surveying experience, etc.  After you follow your Location's Hub, start discussions in the forum, share photos from the field and meet other surveyors in the area.  Use the mobile apps from the Surveyor App Suite to have quick access to your hubs from anywhere!

Note- most all countries and states already have a hub.  Let us know if you do not find your location and we'll add it for you!. 

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