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North Dakota Land Surveyors Group Forum is for discussions and sharing resources related to land surveying in North Dakota, USA.

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Charting the Roughrider State: The Legacy of Surveying in North Dakota

North Dakota's surveying history is deeply intertwined with the state's rugged landscapes, agricultural heritage, and pioneering spirit. From the early exploration expeditions to the modern-day precision mapping technologies, surveying has been fundamental to North Dakota's development and identity. This exploration into North Dakota's surveying legacy unveils notable surveyors, landmark surveys, the establishment of professional organizations, and pivotal events that have shaped surveying…

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Map of State Historic Sites of North Dakota

I ran across a unique map of State Historic Sites of North Dakota and thought it might be interesting to see if any of our members in North Dakota have ever worked on or near any of these historic sites.  If so, share your experiences with us below! 56State Historic Sites of North DakotaVisit the Map Here This map was created by The State Historical Society of North Dakota, which  manages 56 state historic sites around the state of North Dakota. Our mission is to identify, preserve, interpret,…

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