Land Surveyor Marketplace

What is the Land Surveyor Marketplace?

Learn all about the Land Surveyor Marketplace  and how it is different than anything else you've ever seen.

If you are a Product Vendor or provide services for Land Surveyors learn how to get a Vendor Hub for the Marketplace

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Online Mall and Marketplace for Land Surveyors

Welcome to the Land Surveyors United Community Marketplace.   Our marketplace is in a way like a mall for land surveyors.  Each Marketplace Hub is owned and controlled by either a Vendor of surveying equipment or software, a developer of innovative surveying software, authors of helpful surveying books or provider of unique land surveyor services. Each hub not only provides ways to purchase goods and services, the owners of the hubs also support their products inside the hubs.

To connect to a Marketplace Hub which looks interesting to you, simply visit the hub and click "Follow" so that you are the first to know when new special deals have been offered to Land Surveyors United members.  Marketplace Hub owners each have something special set aside just for Land Surveyors United members so if you are not a member, you will miss out on savings.

If you are a vendor, marketer or supplier of products and services for Land Surveyors, tell us about your company here and we'll set up a hub for you and help you enter marketplace.  You can also learn all about hubs for vendors here, if you are logged in.

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