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If you regularly search for deals and special pricing on Land Surveying Equipment like Total Stations, GPS/GNSS Equipment, Surveying supplies, etc, simply add this apps shortcut to your phone to have deals come to your app every hour. Simply open the app to see the latest deals.
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A Land Surveyor's best technical support is another land surveyor who has familiarity with same equipment. Use this app to find targeted advice from other land surveyors who may have experienced similar troubles by asking your questions inside the right Hub and forum. Share tips and tricks that you think other surveyors may have experienced or will experience.
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Guide to Member Categories and Badges

The last time you browsed our members directory page , you may have noticed a sub-navigation which takes you to categories based on different member types.  If you are somewhat new to the network, you answered a question in your profile which allowed you to place yourself inside a category which describes your role in the geospatial industry.    That subnavigation looks like this:


Our goal and mission is to create an environment online which represents your roles in the real world as closely as possible.  Our other purpose for this categorization is to provide as much transparency in relation to the members on our network as possible so that its is not difficult to associate yourself with trustworthy professionals online.  We hope to recognize and celebrate real world authority and classify our members according to their hard earned experience.

Guide to Member Category Badges


Moderators and network administrators who you can go to for advice or

Surveyors working in energy efficiency and renewable energies

True to life government professionals involved in geospatial sciences

Members who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise time and time
again on the network. These guys know what they are doing!
Jobs Director

Responsible for keeping track of available surveying jobs and helping
those in need of employment find available positions
Control Professional

Members who are primarily experienced with Machine Control technology
Maps Administrator
Responsible for placement of members on our Global Member map and
continued development of better and more precise network mapping.
Military Surveyor
Members who work primarily with the military and are trained by
military in geospatial sciences
Professional Relations

Similar to an administrator, these members have clout and continue to
help us make decisions regarding the professional relations of Land
Surveyors United Global
Professor or Instructor of
Geospatial Sciences or Surveying

Can also include published authors of academic texts for the surveying
Surveying Publications Rep
Members who work or consult for industry publications
Regional Administrator
Leaders and moderators for specific location-based group forums on Land
Surveyors United
Seeking Employment
Hire these professionals if you have a surveying position available.
Take a look at their profiles for qualifications and skills they'll
bring to your company
Software Pro
Members who either work in software development or represent a
surveying software manufacturer
State Leader
True to life state board representatives for states societies in the
surveying industry. These members have earned their position!
Student Surveyor
Members who are currently surveying or geospatial science students.
Teach these guys the correct way to survey and learn something in
Surveying Equipment Pro
(aka Vendor)
When it comes to surveying equipment, these guys know their stuff!
When having emergency trouble, it would be wise to have these members
in your personal network
Transportation Surveyor
Members who work primarily in DOT or transportation related surveying,
such as road and bridge construction, for example.
no badge Just a Surveyor
(basic member)
Members who are just here to teach and learn and do not fall into a
specific category.

Some of these categories are selected only by administrators, but the majority of them can be easily changed inside your profile by selecting your "Member Status" when editing your profile.  If you find that you have been mis-categorized or would like to possibly be considered for one of the categories not available in your profile options, feel free to send us a note and we'll make the adjustments accordingly.

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Land Surveyor Group Forums Get a New Layout

Group Forums Get a New Layout

The next time you visit your local surveyor support group forum or any of the group forums on the network (for example: all forums for surveying equipment) you will see an entirely new compact and easier to navigate layout.


Look at these two groups forums for example:

United States Land Surveyors Group

united states land surveyors group

Surveying How-To Group

surveying how-to group

Engage Your Local Land Surveyors Community

This new layout should make the groups easier to engage with and share with your fellow land surveyors near your state or country. I encourage you to find and join your local location based group forum and post a discussion related to land surveying in your area of the world.

As another quick note, Justin has been working hard on the new home page and about pages for the network in order to make the desktop version of the network more responsive to all device screen sizes, which you can see in the links above. For those using mobile phones in the field, you can always access the mobile version of the network on any device.

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For close to 3 years now, surveyors have been enjoying the simplicity of having their social media profiles connected to their Land Surveyors United profiles, for one-click updates. This saves time and now with the new LSU MobileGEO, it's even easier to build your reputation online by simply posting to all of your social profiles simultaneously.   Today, it gets even better!

Not only can members sign up or sign in to Land Surveyors United using Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter, you can now have this same option using Linkedin and Windows Live.

Simply head over to your connections settings and sign in to your Linkedin or Windows Live account and from that point forward you can log-in with one click to the network when logged into your other accounts.

When you're in the field, you'll love being able to simultaneously update your status across platforms with a single click from LSU MobileGEO!


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20+ Conversation Starters To Get Surveyors Talking

Are you looking get involved with Land Surveyors United but have no idea about what to discuss?  Well, the one thing you can be certain of is that we all have a shared interest on this network.  And whether you are pondering adding a story or a discussion, the fact remains that if you keep your subject related to surveying, you will get some feedback, make some friends and build your personal network.

20+ Conversation Starters To Get Your Fellow Surveyors Talking

  1. What is your favorite ………. ? Asking your fellow surveyors about their favorite anything might stimulate a response. Try it.
  2. What is your average day of surveying like? Most people like to talk about themselves. Surveyors on the other hand (as a whole) are a tough bunch to get talking.  Ask your fellow members what their average day of surveying is like and chances are they’ll tell you. They’ll also compare it with anyone else that answers.
  3. What do you think about ……….? Giving opinions is human nature. When you ask for opinions you’ll get a lot.  The surveying industry is undergoing a lot of changes so let's discuss them.
  4. What advice would you give to the person above you? Careful about these. Can stimulate a lot of activity, but can also get way out of hand. Useful for a light-hearted touch to your community efforts.
  5. Can anyone recommend ……….? Most people like to be helpful and show off knowledge. Again, land surveyors seem to need a bit of inspiration to get talking about what they recommend. Nevertheless, asking for recommendations will solicit knowledge and engagement from other surveyors..
  6. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you whilst ……… ? Self explanatory. Entice your fellow members share their stories. It’ll almost certainly boost your presence on the network and build you some clout.  The goal here is to inspire members to slowly get to know and like each other. 
  7. Can anyone fix ………. ? Present a difficult problem, let your fellow surveyors try to suggest ways to fix it.
  8. What is the best/worst ………. ? Opinions, opinions, opinions. Begin this type of discussion in as many different ways as possible. Pick a sub-category and ask people for their best/worst suggestions.
  9. Who do you most admire? Pick someone in your surveying life you most admire and tell others why.  You never know... some of us might admire the same mentors.
  10.  Is {x} really better than {y}? Feel free to make it controversial, if you like. Pick an issue other surveyors will be split on – but not divisively so. Ask questions about it. Let your fellow members take sides.
  11. If you weren’t ……… would you ………. ? Create a hypothetical situation in which all surveyors can give their opinion on something radical.
  12. Who/What are your top 5 ………. ? Ranking can be addictive. Ask your fellow surveyors to rank their top 5 anything and then we'll try to create an overall ranking based upon the community. This could be a fun community event.
  13. How would you handle {topical issue}? If you were THE BOSS in charge, how would you handle a topical issue in your sector?
  14. What ………. do you use? , ask people to compare what relevant products/services they use. Companies love this information too. This type of topic is relevant in almost all online communities
  15. Does anyone know how to …… ? Does anyone know provokes interest, the how to can be broad or specific. People are likely to participate.
  16. Has anyone tried……….? Again, has anyone is all-encompassing and people are likely to share their experiences.
  17. Is ………. right about ………. ? Take someone’s stance on a topical issue and throw it open to comment by the entire community.  Again, there are many daunting subjects to discuss among your fellow surveyors.  Simply pull one out of your hat and ask!
  18. What would you do if ………. ? Create a hypothetical situation, perhaps a problem lots of other surveyors face, and ask your fellow members what they would do. Life problems work well here, not just surveying.
  19. What should every newcomer know about ……….? Well, what should every newcomer know about something relevant in the land surveying industry? It’s great advice – perfect for making a few friends across borders.
  20. Share your pictures/top tips here. Sharing advice and pictures can be an easy win for stimulating engagement and building your personal/professional network online. Try it. I suspect you will find it easy to gain lots of valuable insights.

Add a Discussion

Do you have a question or something pressing on your mind? Share it in a community forum post and get feedback from your fellow professionals. "Groups" all have their own dedicated forum for discussions which are specifically related to a topic, type of equipment or location.   There are approximately 300 group forums for finding a topic and getting targeted advice.  Is your question or problem, surveying equipment related?Post it in the relevant Group forum based on your equipment manufacturer.   Get targeted feedback from your fellow members who are using the same equipment that you are.

Add a Surveying Story
That snake you saw today would make an excellent photo submission, but an even better surveying story! Tell us how you got away! Do you have an interesting client story or a peculiar survey you'd like to share? Post it as a story and pull in photos and videos from around the network to give your story that extra punch! You can include documents, maps, quotes and more to give us the BIG picture! You can become more legitimate and respected as a surveyor when you can say to your friends that they should check out your story or video on Land Surveyors United.  We are all here to learn about the similarities and differences in surveying practices in every part of the globe. Show us how you survey where you live!

New! Post surveying stories to LSU using 3rd Party blogging Apps

Add an Event

When is the next surveying conference in your area? Add it here and increase exposure and attendance by promoting it with both the network and the social media world. You can also embed Google+ hangouts, live streaming video from your meetings and even embed live commenting, voting and social engagement features. With this approach, there should be no reason for lack of attendance to your meetings any longer. Stream it live so that those who aren't able to physically attend, can participate. If you need assistance or directions on how to make this happen, send us a note and we'll help you make it come to life!

 ?  Find a Member


Using the link above you will be able to search members on the network based on location, types of equipment, level of experience, and the type of surveying they are involved with. Likewise, there are other methods for finding reputable support from your colleagues. You can use our Explore page and search the various sections of our network for topics, members, media etc. You might also try our Locals page, which allows you to search by location with a single click or simply visit our ever-growing Global Member Map. With a little persistence, you will surely find someone to discuss your particular topic with.

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Global Surveying Company Directory (Beta) Is Here!

Where is your company on the internet?

As you may have noticed, it has been almost 2 years since I have outwardly solicited donations from the network.  You may have also noticed that Land Surveyors United has never run advertisements on the site. I feel that the content contributed by the community is the most important reason for Land Surveyors United to exist. Bearing that in mind, distractions such as advertisements have been stripped from the network in order to keep the focus where it should be.

Things are changing just a bit, in order for us to grow!  We will be introducing some new partnerships and minimal advertisements so we can continue to pay the bills.  The idea is to eventually have a completely self sustaining network which does amazing things for you and your company.

After some years of contemplating a self-sustainable network, I have created a solution; a way for members to gain a great benefit from their donations and support.  The quid pro quo happens when you or your company registers in the Land Surveyors United Global Surveying Company Directory  for a donation to the network.

Directory of Professional Land Surveyors Global

Goals For This Directory

This directory will be global and the first of its kind. Land Surveyors United is willing to make this directory both a public facing resource for surveying companies to be easily found and hired. In addition to a networking resource for surveyors to find each other based on location and expertise, posts/listings will be grouped by adding tags, properly placing companies and content around the world.  With over 5100 members on the network, everyone can benefit from this directory.  We will use this directory for hosting interviews, company updates and important company announcements.  If you see that your company is already added and would like to submit an update to be included in your listing, please write Justin at landsurveyorsunited(at)  If you would like to list your company, simply fill out the form and make a donation through the tab on the right side of site.

Benefits of Listing Your Company Are Enormous

After only 3 days of being live and with no promotion of the directory as of yet, we have already seen over 1000 views!  If you or your company is experiencing difficulty appearing where you want to be seen in local searches, this will help solve that.  If you or your company are finding that harnessing the true potential of social media is perplexing or burdensome, this directory will make it easier and less time consuming. Promoting your company by utilizing the directory automatically incorporates the social media channels, already in place, thanks to years of development by Land Surveyors United, and substantially boost the exposure and online engagement you need for your company to stay successful. There may be potential and relatively unknown markets for your services and products. How will you discover them? Perhaps they will discover you.

What if my company does not currently have a website?

Land Surveyors United has devoted a considerable amount of time in creating a simple, completely customizable solution with no direct cost to you or your company.  If you already have a gmail account, simply go to our Bootstrap Survey Company Template and use our template, which comes with a full set of instructions for converting it into your own company website. We also have a group forum dedicated to helping you with your customization, so you have community support (and our support) every step of the way.

Land Surveyors United is committed to empowering its members with the latest, most innovative, and most powerful solutions for both common and unique business challenges.  I look forward to your listings and learning more about your company and goals.

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Add Surveyor Support Tab To Your Facebook Page

A Facebook App for Land Surveyors

If you have a Geo-Related Facebook page which you maintain, such as our Land Surveyors United page, I have devised a simple way to add a layer of support for your members, fans and survey crew(if you are a surveying company with a page). Simply go to the following link and choose your page to add a miniature version of the LSU network app as a tab on your page.


Simply Click this link while logged into facebook and choose your page:


How-to Step by Step

Clicking the link above takes you to a page which looks like this:

Choose your page and click "Add Tab"

Now head over to your page and take a look at your page tab icons and reorder them as you wish.

What Is this App?

This app is simply a quick access to mini versions of many of the most important resources on the network, such as the Jobs board, the Surveyors Quick Shop (packed with surveying books, safety gear, discounted gadgets and virtually all things online for surveyors), quick links to location based surveyor support groups and equipment support.  You can of course view the app before adding it to your page here.

What are the Benefits of Adding This To Your Page?

  • Connected to the largest network of land surveyors on the planet
  • It's the #1 app on Facebook for Land Surveyors and First in Search Engines
  • It shows that you care and support your employees, fans and associates
  • It will allow your associates to find support for equipment from ANYWHERE
  • Like the Mobile Rover, it is accessible from any mobile device
  • Its getting better and better everyday!
  • It's Free!

Screenshots of the Current Application

Find more photos like this on Land Surveyors United

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Introducing All of Your Favorite Things!

You're Gonna "Like" This!

Your Land Surveyors United profile isn't simply a photo and name on a web page, it is a living archive of your professional career and all of the things you like about surveying.  With that said, take a look at this special page attached to your profile.  Introducing the "My Likes" page, otherwise known as your favorites!  You can find it in the navigation under My LSU.

all of your favorite surveying related content

What is this page?

how to favorite surveying related contentMuch like the status update pages on your profile, your favorites page is a subpage of your profile. On this page, you will find a collection of all content on the network that you have favorited, archived by month and year.  You can also visit the profile of other surveyors on the network and see what types of content that they have added to their favorites.  This is how we become more familiar with each other.  This is how you can further define your specific niche in the industry.  This is how we become a more organized community of professionals.


A Global Community of Professionals

Obviously we will never be able to meet all of our associates on Land Surveyors United in person, face to face.  Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that we cannot have solid understanding of each others' strengths and weaknesses.  Every community is comprised of individuals who counterbalance each others' attributes in order to build strength in numbers.  When bonds between members become stronger, the community gains strength. We don't all need to be experts at everything, when we have someone on call who is!


In short, click favorite on things you like and every now and again, take a look back at your My Likes pageto see how defined you have become.



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Your Reputation as a Surveyor is Two-Faced

reputation onlineAs a professional surveyor, building your reputation and putting yourself out there for hire is a constant task.  You've probably spent years cultivating a brand for yourself or your company and I am proud of you.  But the fact of the matter is, your reputation as a surveyor is two-faced.  You may think that you have built a bulletproof reputation in the real world and do not need an online reputation, but you are dead-wrong.  Your reputation online is just as important (if not more important) than your offline reputation, if you are planning to stay in business.

Consider Yourself Warned

If you do not step up and say your name online, someone else will.  And when that happens, your reputation online is no longer under your control. 

surveyors online reputation

The only way to ensure that internet searchers find you and your company in a positive light is to build a solid reputation online through helping others, sharing your experiences and being a positive citizen of the interweb.  Build a well rounded online presence using twitter, facebook, and Land Surveyors United. Connect those accounts to your profile on the network and share share share.  You should be in control of your online reputation and to do this, simply make it a point to attach respectable and compelling content to your profile a couple of times per week.  You may feel like it is a waste of your time to socialize your business, but when you consider the amount of time that it can take to recover from a bad review online, you'll be glad that I reminded you.

 Why a Unified Body of Professionals Is Better for You in the Long Run

better reputation online geospatialIt takes just a little bit of your time every week to maintain your reputation online.  However, if someone criticizes your company online and you do not have a buffer of positive content, it will take you 3 times as long to push those search results down and recover from a negative blow.  I built Land Surveyors United so that all geospatial professionals can easily build their reputation online, simply through sharing what they have learned in their experiences.  A united body of professionals who respect the challenges of each others' daily tasks and provide each other with positive feedback is the ONLY way that the everyday land surveyor can stay on top of their reputation without spending a ton of money every month.  Take this seriously and engage with others on the network.  I assure you that your reputation will climb and you will GET MORE BUSINESS!

We have an entire group forum for discussing Reputation Management! Ask Questions!

bad reputation online Why do I care? I realized the direction that this industry was headed a few years ago and began building LSU because there is simply no one else in this industry who would take the time to teach you guys the power of social media.  No one else had the knowledge and ability to help you build your future-oriented online reputation.  Connect your company's online account to your profile on LSU and passively build your reputation before someone actively destroys it for you. 


If you found this note because you are facing the wrath of a displeased customer or have an unjustifiable bad reputation online, contact me and I'll do what I can to help.  Just take a look at what Land Surveyors United has done for your fellow surveyors around the world. Enough said.



Further Reading:

The Conversation Prism - A Missing Link?

Member Profile Checklist!

How to Get More Clients as a Land Surveyor

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Status Updates Get Their Own Page!

What is a Status Update, anyway?

Status updates on Land Surveyors United can be an important method to employ when building your reputation online. While you can sync your profile to Twitter and Facebook and simultaneously update your status, you can also use this feature to keep track of where you have been, where you're working and the types of surveying you are performing.  Status updates on Land Surveyors United appear in the latest activity feed and show up on your LSU profile.  They can be updated either from your profile page, on our network's main page and now on the new mobile LSU interface.   I realized a while back that surveyors would have little use for this feature until there was a way to archive them and revisit them years later.  That time has come!


So What's New With Status?

Since my initial revamp of the network Activity Feed (main page), we've been steadily improving it and adding more based on surveyor requests on the network. One of the biggest requests on networks for other industries has revolved around status updates. For a long time, when someone would post a status update directly in the Activity Feed, it would exist only as long as it remained in the Activity Feed. Once it dropped out of the bottom of the feed, it was nowhere to be found. The reason: the status update had nowhere to "live" — it existed as a temporary item with no place to call home in our network.


This is no longer the case! We're happy to report that each status update now has its own individual page.

Notice in this screenshot above that this page has its own dedicated URL (click the image and you'll see that you can comment and share a status now). This is where this particular status update lives — along with all of the replies that have since followed the status update.

What's visually different with this release?

Now that status updates have been beefed up, you'll notice a link in the Activity Feed whenever you see a Status Update, like so:

This link will lead to your associate's status update page. On that page, you can edit or delete a status post. You can also edit or delete comments on a status post.

As you might expect, commenting on a status post will be reflected in the second location. Comment on someone's status update, and your comment will also show up in the Activity Feed. Comment on someone's status update in the Activity Feed, and your comment will also show up on the individual status update page.



Why Should a Surveyor Care About Status?

If anyone in the world should be focused on their status update, it is a surveyorWhy?  Because you're not telling people what you ate for lunch or the fact that you've lost your keys, you are creating a timeline of your work history.  You can simply log on to the network or your mobile phone and simply type what type of work you are doing and where and then go about your business.  This simple 140 character or less update now lasts forever (on it's own page) and you can go back to it anytime in the future and make remarks.  Whether you believe me or not, this type of activity WILL help your reputation online, as long as your updates are positive and eye-catching.  Now that you have the ability to comment on status updates, your network will increase and your brand will have more exposure.  As long as you sync your social accounts with your profile, your social media work has been cut in half!

I have engineered every aspect of Land Surveyors United in such a way that your social networking activity with your fellow surveyors doubles as marketing for your skills and experience.  Using the network to build your reputation online is using it correctly.   I hope you enjoy these improvements and create a more enjoyable surveying life for yourself, both on and offline.

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New! Manage Your Group Forums on the Go!

Finding Your Groups While On the Go

When you're out surveying in the field and using our mobile network interface from your phone, it occurred to me that you would have an easier time finding which group forum to post to, if you could just click My Groups and proceed to starting a discussion in the relevant group.  So I've done the leg work and made this easier for you.  Take a look at the new drop-down menu beside the search bar, which will make it super simple for you to find your groups on the mobile version of our group forums page.  Take a look at this image for reference on how to find it inside the mobile network.

Surveyor Forums Mobile

Update:  The same functionality has now been added to the Blogs section (aka Stories) to make it easier for you to share surveying stories from the field.

Surveyor Stories Mobile


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How will YOU Use Land Surveyors United in 2013?

A network of this size comprised entirely of professional land surveyors and geospatial professionals naturally attracts LOADS of search engine traffic when anyone searches for land surveying services. For this reason, I monitor new member signups VERY closely, so as to maintain exclusivity for the industry.   It is like a library of surveying information, which serves a dual purpose.  It is helpful for surveyors to find support and offer support through sharing of knowledge and experience, but it is also equally, if not more effective for attracting business from those searching for surveying businesses to perform work.  I know this for a fact because I built it to perform in this manner.  Of course, the ways in which you utilize this to your advantage are entirely up to you, but if you are not using it with this in mind, you are simply missing the boat.  With that said, here are a few ways that you can use LSU in the future to make your life and business online simpler, more effective and to your advantage. 


Getting The Word Out About Your Services

Your niche market is your location and what you do better than any other company in your area.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of queries for 'land surveyors' in your geographic region are being made every single day.  How do you compare to those who show up first in search engines for your area.  Cover all the surveying news for your town or community, an industry event, or on any topic that you are interested in–large or small on Land Surveyors United, inside the group forum for your location. Investing a small amount of time into creating buzz around your company and the services you provide will shoot you strait to the top of search.

Related Topic: How To Get More Business as a Land Surveyor

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation and sharing of content in order to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined and understood current and potential consumer bases with the objective of driving profitable customer action. With this in mind, you may or may not know that you can easily publish relevant, curated content to engage your your fellow surveyors and your community, attract new visitors to your profile, and help convert leads into customers.  Those looking for a land surveyor in your area will be pleased to have found someone with such vast knowledge of surveying practices.  Your credibility is yours to claim and build.  If you do not believe me, take a look at our member testimonials or for a first person account, just ask Deward Karl Bowles of Texas how much the network has improved his business.


 Related Topic:  Your Reputation as a Land Surveyor is Two-Faced

Monitoring and Build Your Web Reputation

Syncing your social media profiles to your account on Land Surveyors United not only makes it super-simple to update multiple profiles simultaneously, it builds your reputation online.  You can show the world that you are not only knowledgeable and credible, but you are also approachable and easy to work with.  I have personally spent hundreds of hours making this possible for you and you can even share while on the go using the mobile rover.

Related Topic:  Build Your Reputation Online Through Sharing

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Complete Mobile Rover Features Overview

Explore the Land Surveyors United Network's Mobile Rover and all of the tools and features that you can use, while on the go, from any mobile device. View this full screen here.

Surveyors Mobile Rover Overview

Mobile Support and Collaboration from the Field!

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Please allow me to introduce the all new Land Surveyors United Mobile Version of the Network (in Beta)! You can access the mobile version from any and all mobile devices here:


ANY Device, ANYwhere. ANYtime

This new mobile version has many unique features not available in previous version or even the Iphone version. Let's take a look at some of these new features and learn how they are used.

Quick Links to Pages and Features on Mobile Rover

For Your Convenience here are links to the primary landing pages on the new Surveyors Mobile Network:
Your Profile on Mobile: Will take you to your profile on the network
What You Missed: The latest network activity and discussions since you last visited
Stories: Quick access to the network blog and your mobile blog for sharing surveying stories or anything longer than a forum discussion.
Mobile Group Forums: Allows you to search and find group forums based on location, types of equipment, topical and type
Mobile Network Forum: Allows you to take the network forum with you anywhere you go. Search, respond and discuss virtually anything related to land surveying and geospatial industry.
Surveying Photos: Surveyor submitted photos from all over the world. Upload photos from the field and never lose a marker again!
Member Map Mobile: Our global member map is under constant state of development. Here you will be able to see and interact with the mobile version.
Network Members: Find and connect with other geospatial industry professionals by searching.
Mobile Videos: The latest and most popular surveying videos to date. Take them with you and learn while on the go.
Change Language of your Interface: Go here to change the language of your mobile network
Network Notes: Quick access to the latest network updates and guides
Geospatial events Mobile: View and add land surveyor and geospatial events to the network calendar
Network Search: Search for solutions and across the network for topics and content from anywhere on your mobile device.
Surveyors Rover: A page dedicated to quick links to all areas of the mobile interface.

New Features for Mobile Network

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Surveyor Group Forums Go Mobile!!

Stay Connected Locally and Survey Globally

I just spent the past couple of hours playing around with the newest release to our mobile network- mobile group forums.  I must say that I believe this feature could be a HUGE game changer for mobile communications between professional surveyors in the field.


Network With Your Local Group Members

We are all part of a dynamic group or society of professionals based on the geographic location of our homes.  By searching the new mobile groups, you can join a group forum based on your location and share experiences right from the field.  This will give us all a better understanding of what it is like to be a surveyor in your area.  Tell us about the challenges you face such as environmental hurdles, wildlife safety, weather conditions, etc.  In our pursuit of a more global understanding of how surveyors operate around the world, we can better equip ourselves for the challenges found within the industry through creation of awareness.

Share Important Announcements in Your Area

State Boards, Professional Associations and Societies can all benefit from the ability to keep everyone on the same page by making your most important announcements known by sharing them in the local group forum based on a location.  This will also make it simpler to notify everyone of changes in a calendar or having local chapters RSVP for important events.

Fix Your Broken Equipment

Ever had something break in the field?  Sure we all have.  By searching for the manufacturer of the equipment and asking a question inside the correct group forum, you are effectively targeting your question towards other members who are familiar with that type of equipment.  You could, for example, ask if some other surveyor out there might have a user guide for the type of equipment you are using.  Now with Mobile Group Forums all of this can be possible without having to pack up and head back to the office.

Troubleshoot Errors and Issues While IN the Field

Errors can destroy a productive day of surveying.  Nevertheless, many errors can be resolved quickly by asking a fellow surveyors who have dealt with and over come those errors.  Many errors for equipment simply have never been documented and therefore you may never find the solution without asking a fellow experienced surveyor. Use the Mobile Group Forums feature as your Get Out of Jail Free Card and contribute solutions to common problems so that other surveyors can benefit from your experience, while on the go!


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Surveyor Apps and Tools

Land Surveyor Apps Suite

The following mobile web apps can be added as a shortcut to your phone or data collector's home screen for quick access from the field- no software to install.

Apps for All Land Surveyors

Surveyor Dictionary App

Surveying Videos App

Apps for Employment Seekers

Surveying Jobs Search App

Surveyor Resume Pool For Recruiters

Apps for Surveying Equipment

Equipment Hunter App

Survey Equipment Support App

Apps for Connecting with Surveyors Locally

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