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Hi Everyone,

Just though I would share this link to a Technology Education Blog that I am a member of.

land surveying questions and answers pdf

I use it for Engineering and Surveying Topics and computer programming.

1.     Question and answer,


Our 1000+ Surveying questions and answers focuses on all areas of Surveying subject covering 100+ topics in Surveying. These topics are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Surveying. One should spend 1 hour daily for 2-3 months to learn and assimilate Surveying comprehensively. This way of systematic learning will prepare anyone easily towards Surveying interviews, online tests, examinations and certifications.


– 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Surveying with explanations
– Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic in Surveying Subject

Who should Practice these Surveying Questions?
– Anyone wishing to sharpen their knowledge of Surveying Subject
– Anyone preparing for aptitude test in Surveying
– Anyone preparing for interviews (campus/off-campus interviews, walk-in interview and company interviews)
– Anyone preparing for entrance examinations and other competitive examinations
– All – Experienced, Freshers and Students

Here’s list of Questions & Answers on Surveying Subject covering 100+ topics:

1. Questions & Answers on Introduction to Surveying

The section contains questions and answers on surveying definitions and classification, linear measurement accessories and methods, chain folding, unfolding, degree of accuracy, magnetic bearing, chaining errors and mistakes, well conditioned triangle, chain survey and plotting equipments, survey station selection, field work procedure and conventional symbols.

Classification of Surveying
Methods of Linear Measurement
Accessories For Linear Measurement – 1
Accessories For Linear Measurement – 2
Chain Folding, Unfolding, Adjustment, Degree of Accuracy – 1
Chain Folding, Unfolding, Adjustment, Degree of Accuracy – 2
Magnetic Bearing
Errors and Mistakes in Chaining
Well Conditioned Triangle
Equipments for Chain Survey
Equipments for Plotting
Selection of Survey Stations
Procedure of Field Work
Conventional Symbols

2. Questions on Chain Surveying & The Compass

The section contains questions on chain triangulation, chaining obstacles, bearings and angles, magnetic declination, prismatic and surveyor’s compass.

Chain Triangulation
Obstacles in Chaining
Bearings and Angles
Prismatic Compass
Surveyor’s Compass
Magnetic Declination

3. Questions & Answers on Compass Traversing & Traverse Surveying

The section contains questions and answers on compass traversing principle and errors, traversing by fast needle method, angles observation method, consecutive coordinates, accuracy degree in traversing and compass types.

Principle of Compass Traversing
Errors in Compass Traversing
Traversing by Fast Needle Method
Traversing by Direct Observation of Angles
Consecutive Co-ordinates: Latitude And Departure
Degree of Accuracy in Traversing
Types of Compass

4. Questions on Levelling

The section contains questions on levelling methods, surveying telescope, spirit levelling theory, balancing backsights, foresights, curvature, refraction, reciprocal levelling, levelling errors, precision degree, stadia method, levelling reduction and types.

Methods of Levelling
The Surveying Telescope
Theory of Direct Levelling (Spirit Levelling)
Balancing Backsights and Foresights
Curvature and Refraction
Reciprocal Levelling
Errors in Levelling
Degree of Precision
Types of Levelling
Stadia Method
Reduction in Levelling

5. Questions & Answers on Contouring

The section contains questions and answers on contouring methods and characteristics, contour maps uses, contours interpolation and gradient.

Methods and Characteristics
Characteristics of Contours
Interpolation of Contours
Contour Gradient
Uses of Contour Maps

6. Questions on The Theodolite & Theodolite Traversing

The section contains questions on transit theodolite, adjustment, measurement, traversing methods and errors, readings reduction, stadia tacheometry, closing error and its limitation, traverse balancing, traverse area calculation and trigonometrical levelling.

Transit Theodolite
Traversing Methods
Reduction of Readings
Stadia Tacheometry
Closing Error and its Limitation
Computation of Latitude and Departure
Balancing of Traverse
Calculation of Traverse Area
Trigonometrical Levelling

7. Questions & Answers on Plane Table Surveying

The section contains questions and answers on accessories, plane tabling methods, graphic triangulation, two and three point problems, plane tabling errors, resection method, errors and precaution.

Methods of Plane Tabling
Graphic Triangulation
Three Point Problem
Two Point Problem
Errors in Plane Tabling
Resection Method
Errors and Precaution

8. Questions on Tacheometric Surveying

The section contains questions on stadia and subtense method principles.

Principle of Stadia Method Principle of Subtense Method

9. Questions & Answers on Curve Surveying

The section contains questions and answers on curve designation, simple curves, long chord ordinates, tangent offsets, successive bisection of arcs or chords, rankine’s method, reverse curve elements, ideal transition curve, compound curve elements and settings.

Designation of Curve
Setting out Simple Curves
By Ordinates of the Long Chord
By Successive Bisection of Arcs or Chords
By Offsets from the Tangent
By Deflection Distances
Rankine’s Method of Tangential Angles
Elements of a Compound Curve
Setting out Compound Curve
Elements of a Reverse Curve
The Ideal Transition Curve
If you would like to learn Surveying thoroughly, you should attempt to work on the complete set of questions and answers mentioned above. It will immensely help anyone trying to crack an exam or an interview.


Here’s the list of Best Reference Books in Surveying.

Wish you the best in your endeavor to learn and master Surveying!




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    Could you please explain or elaborate any Method of Statement for mark vertical alignment on RCC structures such as Column and SYLOs. This is needed for fixing Insert Plates to install Machineries.


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