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Enjoy, explore and contribute to our community....a living library of land surveying which is not controlled by 3rd party interests- it is controlled by you, the surveyor. No one else in the world aside from our community members catalogs changes in the surveying industry. No one else collects, curates and showcases the importance of land surveyors to society for future generations to learn from and to promote public awareness of this importance. It takes just a few moments per week to curate a rock solid legacy in surveying but every minute you spend sharing your experience will breathe ten years of life into the profession.

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  • Sup brother!!!!
  • Government Professional

    Thanks for the add. Nice to meet you.

  • Thank you Justin, I am just passing it on. I had a lot of good mentors who took time for me.Some of the world's greatest teacher are surveyors who care about the future and traditions, the new and the old of this trade.Sometimes I think about some of the old surveyors who cared to teach me and I wish that I could tell them so.


  • Thank you for your service to the Land Surveyors across the globe.  Kindly accept me as an associate.  I 'll approach you as soon as I find some problem at my work. Thank you


    For most of the last 20 years my sons and I have been developing a new land information system. The foundation of this system is a land title surveying process I have developed and patented. As this technology has developed is has become clear that the data we are collecting for our real estate transactions clients will soon be the foundation for automating and modernizing the real estate settlement process. We are now looking for a demonstration project in an area of highly active real estate sales. If you would care to have more information please contact me at 239 282 9170 or [email protected]

  • Who can help me to change from . xyz to .csv ?
    Because it showed that 'file format was not recognized' when changing. I used data transfering from topcon ES105 . How can I do it?
  • Hi justin,
    Would appriciate if you could show Sri Lankan Flag on the map shown in Organization structure page.
  • Justin,

    I am sure you are aware of the recent Survey Challenge - Race Around the World that I designed and sponsored back in May and June of this year. This challenge was well received by the surveying professionals from around the world. There were many players. The winner received a set of my books as the grand prize for the final leg of the race. It was a lot of fun.
    I am designing a new surveying challenge for this fall that I am calling "Race to Grid Mountain". This new challenge is going to have 6 legs that will be both instructional and have surveying challenges to solve. The final leg will be to utilize everything that was learned in the prior 6 legs to come up with the final solution. The theme is going to be the use of Grid/Ground coordinates along with the determining the Grid Adjustment Factor (a.k.a. combined factor). It is being designed so that the entry level surveyor can play and learn as each leg progresses. No prior knowledge of State Plane Coordinates is needed.
    For the upcoming surveying challenge I am looking for sponsors to help promote the race. There is no fee to be a sponsor. Once the web page & race has been designed, the sponsor will be added to the contest page with their logo and a link to their website. In return the sponsor will promote the race as appropriate on their advertisements with links to the contest web page. The sponsor can also add a prize for the winner of the race if they would like to. It is a great way to get some free advertisement for both parties.
    My question is, would LSU be interested in being a sponsor? If so, I will follow up with more details of the surveying challenge as I get more into the development stages. The race is scheduled to start on Oct. 4, 2014. 

  • Hey Big Man,

    Very sorry I have not been around.....I messaged you a couple of times about a month ago. Man I would never think anything like that about you...besides everything you and your website have done for me, I respect you, always have, always will, The conversation we had about why you are doing what you are doing with this site is evidence enough that we share the same beliefs and goals. You da Man!!! hm hm hm....Been through the dam mill again....after giving heart and soul to that company for a year, passing Oklahoma exam, with your help, and working alot for free the sobs laid me off....started driving a cab 12 hrs a day 7 days aweek....submerged again....too f__kin tired to do anything....then got on with this big mine in Southeast Arizona, kicking ass here, boss told me yesterday Im good for the next umpteen years, good money, good benys, my family is taken care I just recently started to get my shit together again. The site where I had all my study stuff, the webmaster closed it down, he has it all archived. I started a study group in Yahoo groups called Land Survey Study Groups. Was trying to change things around with that on LSU but got bogged down. Other than all that my family is good, we're still kicking....How are things with you? Is that your son? Whats new on LSU? Whatever I can do for you Justin, you let me know. In any event, Respectfully, Paul


    I am new to this site so I am still feeling my way around. There is a lot of information available and it will take sometime to get through all of it. As a Professional Land Surveyor for 35+ years, a computer programmer for surveying software for 35+ years and web designer for 10+ years, I can appreciate the dedication that you have given to this site and the time and effort it takes to unite the surveying community from around the world. 

    I am currently working on my legacy by putting all of the knowledge I have learned over the many years through experience, training and teaching others the tips and tricks into easy to read ebooks. The world is quickly evolving into the a paperless society, with smart phones, tablets, the cloud, and other electronic devices. These ebooks can be taken to the field and made readily available on any electronic device. Pretty cool stuff. I wished I would have had the tools we have today back when I started out. This is a great time for surveyors.

    I have always wanted to write a series of math books on surveying that simplifies the process down into easy to follow step by step instructions. I started working on that legacy earlier this year with a series titled "Surveying Mathematics Made Simple". 

    I am 59 years old and I love technology. Most of my peers, that are at my age, have fell into the mind set that they don't want to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and are looking at retiring. I feel that I am just beginning. Surveying in the future is going to be great. I am excited to see what changes are headed our way. I predict a time where a GPS base will no longer be needed (we are almost there) and coordinates that are on a repeatable datum for a point, will become a monument. My peers scoff at me when I make those predictions. I predicted that radial stakeout was a cool tool some 30 years ago and was scoffed at. Back then closed traverses was the common method, that was way before GPS. Now radial stakeout is the norm. I used state plain coordinates way back then even though the math was time consuming. Most of my peers avoided it. Little did any of us know at the time that GPS was headed our way.

    I will be posting stories about my work on solving the myth about there is no such a thing as parallel spiral curve offsets. I have solved that myth after 35+ years of working on it with new formulas which will be coming out in an ebook this coming week hopefully. 

    I am the pioneer in Arizona for using digital signatures on professional documents. I have an article in the works for Professional Surveying Magazine that will be published sometime this year.

    Thank you for letting me be part of your site where I can share my knowledge and experience in hopes that it will help others become better surveyors.


    Jim Crume, P.L.S., M.S., CFedS

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