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Get Hired land surveying jobHere is what you do:

1)  Create a video with Loom to introduce yourself and walk us through your experience in Land Surveying and your qualifications.  Tell about some work you're proud of or projects that you have been involved. Dig into the details of your background in surveying and show us what makes you qualified for positions you are applying for.  Loom is a video recorded screenshot software so show us some photos or slideshows of your surveying work if you have them.

2) Download the video after your recording has finished.

3) Upload the video you just downloaded to this page of the community where recruiters can find you and match you to available positions.

4) as a Bonus, upload your resume into the description of your video and tell us where you are hoping to find a job and ideally the type of position you are looking for.


On our end, we will help you by pushing your Video Resume to recruiters and employers.  Good luck and we look forward to your video submissions.

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Get Hired Experiment

Get Hired!

How to Get a Land Surveying Job

Here at Land Surveyors United Community we are committed to helping all Land Surveyors Seeking Employment find jobs.   You may already be following our Internationally Crowdsourced Surveying Jobs board, but this new way of getting your resume out there and in the hands of companies will push you further towards a great position.