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Help Bridge the Learning Gap in Land Surveying

It takes a long time to develop a well rounded professional.  

For those of you who have successfully run the gauntlet of professional development and have mastered the art and science of land surveying, this is your place and time to put on your thinking caps and do what it takes to help educate.

For those of you who are scholars of the profession, looking for the mentoring you need to make it to the next level in your career, this your place and time to put on your thinking caps and ask the questions you need answered, without fear, and to help you associate yourselves with potential employers.

There are 2 primary forums inside this hub.  One for those who need advice from a land surveying mentor to post questions and ask for advice.  The other is for Mentors to post advice for those new to Land Surveying.



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Bridging the Knowledge & Generation Gap in Land Surveying

Today and now more than ever, something must be done to bridge the Knowledge Gap and Generational Gap currently weighing down and holding back the Land Surveying Profession.  Sure, there are plenty of Surveying manuals and guides out there to give a new surveyor their footing but there is no substitute for a true, bonified mentor who is willing to share their knowledge and experience.  If we work together, we can have a positive ripple effect on the ocean of problems in the field. By contributing just a fraction of your spare time documenting your Surveying career and knowledge here for those less experienced to learn from you are breathing years into the profession. 

Although very few of us get paid to educate, let's face it...the field is a classroom. We must all become less afraid of what we don't know by sharing what we do.   Trust me, this is the primary reason for this community's existance.   

There are many problems in the field related to inner crew dynamics, giving and recieving respect, understanding roles and so on that can be solved by sharing your expertise and experiences.  Believe me when I tell you that this community will certainly outlive me, so what you leave behind may outlive you and continue to provide insight for those new to land surveying for years to come.  

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So, If there were ever a place - like a social school community-  where the older experienced surveyors and the younger social media savvy generation can connect and have a meeting of the minds, it is right here.  

If You Need Advice

If you are new to Land Surveying and would like to ask the advice of an experienced land surveyor in the community, start a new discussion inside this forum.

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Share Experience with New Surveyors

Your experience can enhance the career of those just entering the field.  Start a new discussion inside this forum in order to offer sage advice to new surveyors or to ask your technology questions which they may be able to answer for you.

Mentors in Land Surveying