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Land Surveyors United Community has been socializing the Land Surveyor experience since March of 2007. While building this community, we simultaneously have built satellite social profiles on the other major platforms in order to keep our members informed about the latest activities and events happening on this community.

Land Surveying and Social MediaOver time our community has gained a lot of followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Pinterest. Our hope has always been to naturally and organically attract new members to the official community without really having to ask. We figure if a land surveyor finds this community and it helps them solve a surveying problem then they may then decide to become a member to help other surveyors with their problems from time to time.

In this page, we track the various Social Media feeds that we produce and host so that members may have a single place to get a snapshot view of all that is going on in social media for Land Surveyors. Be sure to follow us on the other platforms because chances are, we will be sharing your posts and content eventually, if not already.

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