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Ways to find a Land Surveying JobWay #1:  Add your resume to the Surveyor Resume Pool App for Recruiters.

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Way #2:  Go to the Get Hired Experiment and create then upload your Video Resume for recruiters.


Note:  You will get a job faster by having a complete profile on Land Surveyors United with your member status set as "Seeking Employment".  Regularly sharing photos and discussions which demonstrate that you know what you are doing will ensure recruiters and employers find you.

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Let's help each other find available surveying jobs!  We've been building a new way for land surveyors seeking employment to both find and share available surveying jobs. The current version pulls surveying jobs feeds and allows for submitting links to available jobs. Check it out full screen here on Surveying Jobs Global

If you know of available surveying jobs any where in the world, please submit the job link to the new board.

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Surveying Jobs pulled in below change every hour so keep an eye on this page.  If you would like to search for Surveying Jobs in more specific locations, please visit our Global Surveying Jobs board.

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