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The Land Surveying Jobs Hub is a place where you can find the latest available surveyor employment opportunities, updated every hour from jobs boards all around the world.    If you have available surveying jobs, please post them here.   If you are seeking a job, reverse the job search and post your resume for recruiters to find you.

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Explore Over 700 Geospatial Companies with Interactive Map: Your Ultimate Guide to Geospatial Industry Jobs and Opportunities!

Unlock the potential of the geospatial industry with our extensive guide tailored for land surveyors. Featuring over 700 geospatial companies showcased through an interactive map, this resource is designed to help you find new career opportunities, connect with potential clients, and enhance your industry knowledge. Explore a world of innovative tools and technologies, and connect with key players in the field to elevate your surveying projects. Dive into our detailed list today and advance…

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20+ Land Surveyor Resume Objective Examples

An effective objective statement is the compass that guides a land surveyor's resume toward its destination—securing a promising career opportunity. In the world of land surveying, where precision and attention to detail are paramount, the objective statement plays a crucial role. It serves as the initial impression an employer or hiring manager receives, a concise snapshot of a candidate's career aspirations, qualifications, and commitment to the field. A well-crafted objective statement is…

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How to Find a Surveying Job

It is no secret that one of Land Surveyors United Community's primary missions is to help Land Surveyors Seeking Employment find surveying jobs. In fact, we help between 300-400 land surveyors become gainfully employed every year! Since 2010 we have had the most active Surveying Jobs Board and the only International Surveying jobs board online.  We have dedicated Employment Hubs for asking questions and finding employment locally. However, we cannot do ALL of the work for you. 


How to Get a Surveying Job

  • It is up to you to Upload a Resume into your profile (video How-to) and to set your "I am here because I am ..." question in your profile to "Seeking Employment" to show up here.
  • It is up to you to prove that you are qualified to work as a land surveyor. You do this by sharing and describing Surveying Photos and Videos to the community which in turn show up in your profile. Ask smart questions. Share knowledge about surveying inside your local hub.  Stay connected with the community and help others.
  • It is up to you to make sure your member profile is professional and your contact information for recruiters and employers is up to date.
  • It is up to you to film a short Video Resume and upload it into the special place on the site where recruiters can find it.
  • It is up to you to get the job.....we make it simpler for you to do so.  If you are not doing the things above, you either do not want a job or you are too lazy to do what it takes to get the job you want. It is as simple as that.
  • Following us on Twitter @landsurveyorsU and Surveying Jobs on Facebook is just two of the ways to have jobs passively come your way.

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