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Welcome to the New and Improved Land Surveyors United Network. Please keep in mind that we are currently migrating and organizing more than 1,894,550 pages from the former platform and snapping them into the appropriate position and category, which has been prepared within the new structured framework . I hope you all enjoy this new platform for land surveyor communication and will take advantage of the many tools and resources that it offers. As you will see, all of our content has been migrated over to this new framework and in some places we are still putting some final touches on the organization. There are a ton of new features that you will stumble upon while exploring the pages of this platform. You should immediately be able to recognize that our new network is categorized and organized under HUBS (formerly Groups), which are micro-communities based upon surveying related subjects, member locations and surveying equipment social support. If you were a member of groups on the old network, you will be pleasantly surprised at the new capabilities of Hubs and should already be following the Groups you've contributed to in the past. Inside Hubs, you can upload your photos, ask more targeted questions and get crowd-sourced answers/feedback from surveyors who are familiar with your problems. Dive in, have fun, learn something new and share what you know for the future of land surveying.

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Our social support network community welcomes all geospatial professionals, land surveyors, surveying students and professors of surveying around the globe. We encourage storytellers to share their experiences in land surveying with the network so that those new to the industry can learn from best practices, tips and tricks and lessons learned. Through exploring our network, you'll find that since 2007, together we have transcended communication barriers which have historically segregated surveyors geographically, in language and by level of experience. We are unifying the industry and building a community by which the everyday surveyor on earth can find targeted support, build their reputation online, increase productivity and have a little fun too. Get involved and share your experiences in land surveying with your fellow surveyors around the world!

Old school surveyors become the educators to the new school on Land Surveyors United.

About Land Surveyors United Community

Get Connected.  This community is 100% controlled by its members. Inside this community you will find over 12 years of collective land surveying knowledge, contributed by thousands of land surveyors worldwide.  Land Surveyors United Members are all involved in Professional Land Surveying from level of student to retired.  We are proud to say that we protect writings and instructional content left behind by many land surveyors who are no longer with us.  Our mission is in the name.  Within the walls of this community you can  connect with other Land Surveyors who use the same equipment as you, share similar knowledge or opinion, provide similar services and share similar experiences both locally and globallt, somewhere else on our planet..?  You're here...

About Land Surveyors United 

Since March of 2007 we have been building the largest community of professional land surveyors on the planet and you are invited!


We are UNITED in order to inspire the next generation of land surveyors while promoting public awareness regarding the importance of land surveyors to society, worldwide.

You now have a chance to become an integral part of the greatest global surveying support network on the planet because you are now among your peers. The legend of a place to become unified becomes a reality when you participate in the daily life of this community. By sharing your Land Surveying knowledge and experiences you are preserving surveying history for future generations. In this community, we are monitoring current events and sharing surveying technologies with future generations, together.

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Introduce Yourself inside the dedicated Hub Forum for Your Location                     

Simply click the other tab, find your location and find the +Add Discussion Button which looks like this:

Tell us something we may not know about Land Surveying in your part of the world.  Here are a few ideas for short posts you can easily make in less than 10 minutes!:

  • Introduce yourself and tell us why you decided to become a land surveyor
  • Tell us about local surveying organizations and resources for surveyors where you live
  • What did you do before land surveying and why did you switch?
  • What is the most exciting part of your job as a surveyor where you live?
  • What kind of opportunities for advancement have you experienced?
  • What does it take to become a land surveyor where you live?
  • Tell us about the surveying industry in your area and how to become licensed
  • Share photos and videos of your field work....

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