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MGA 94 to Perth Coastal Grid 94

Hello Aussies,Wondering if any of my fellow Australians have a spreadsheet for co-ordinate conversion between MGA94 and PCG94?I can do the conversion with software but was hoping to find a portable spreadsheet or the like to convert in the field?Any suggestions?

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Near Map - HyperTiles

Notice From NearMapNearMapFor all of you that might be using HyperTiles and have recently been experiencing some slowness: There is a proxy setting you may wish to change - System, None or Http. Please change the setting from System to None and you will experience much faster download functionality. Hope this helps!

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New national CORS network: AllDayRTK

AllDayRTK is an Australia-wide Network RTK solution that offers flexible, subscription based services for the surveying, GIS, civil construction, mining and farming industries.By collaborating with Governement-run state networks and private operators, AllDayRTK offers a seamless solution that crosses network borders to give you consistent, reliable GNSS positioning whenever you need it.Read…

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  • Hello Australia,

    It's heating up down under!!! Hope you all have your Sunscreen, Hats and Water bottles ready to go!

  • Hey all! Good to be on board!

    Darren Noble

    Noble Consulting Surveyors

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