Land Surveying Basics and Fundamentals

Learn the Basics and Fundamentals of Land Surveying in this curated collection of surveying videos, photos and information to help new surveyors learn everything there is to know about the basics of Land Surveying.

Land Surveying Basics

Exploring the Basics and Fundamentals of Land Surveying

Cadastral Surveyors
>>> Ensure integrity of land title system – who owns that?
Engineering Surveyors
>>> Key role in the planning and construction of dams, bridges, freeways, high-rise
buildings, railways, all new infrastructure projects
Mining Surveyors
>>> Design mines, tunnels and other underground works
Hydrographic Surveyors
>>> Map sea floor, lakes, rivers, ports, shorelines, sandbanks
>>> Locate currents, ensure shipping channels are free from obstructions
Geodetic Surveyors
>>> Uses satellites to measure Earth’s surface accurately, monitor sea level changes,
continental drift, help predict earthquakes
Geographic Information Systems
>>> Production of topographical maps, in-car navigation systems, Google
>>> Extracts spatial information from photographs and digital imaging systems
>>> Produce maps from aerial photographs, medical image analysis
>>> Dam and mine surveys, structural analysis of bridges
>>> Land information management, Remote sensing
>>> Monitoring effects of climate change, forensics, archaeology
Surveying involves..
>>> Varied work, both outdoors and indoors
>>> Using the latest in modern technology
>>> A choice of working independently or being part of a larger group
Surveying requires..
>>> Good spatial skills, ability to think and visualise in 3 dimensions
>>> Attention to accuracy and detail
Due to the current shortage, surveying presents good career opportunities for students with
ability in Mathematics and an understanding of physical sciences.

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