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GIS Support Group Forum is for Land Surveyors United members who work in GIS or specialize in Geographic Information Systems.  Share knowledge, resources and tips related to GIS in this group.

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Giganic List of Amazing GIS Products, Services and Tools

Gigantic List of GIS Resources and Tools for Land Surveyors Hello Land Surveyors United Community! I hope this post finds you all in great spirits and busy with exciting projects. Today, I’m thrilled to share a treasure trove of GIS resources and tools that can significantly enhance our surveying tasks, streamline workflows, and boost productivity. Whether you're a seasoned surveyor or just starting your journey, this list has something for everyone. DOWNLOAD MASTER LIST HERE: DOWNLOAD GIS…

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GIS Cookbook and Guide Book

I ran across this GIS Cookbook and Guidebook for GIS that I thought you might be interested in checking out in your spare time. It's from 2007, but the information is still very relevant for GIS beginners.  You can read the GIS Cookbook here online and here as HTML or members of the network can download it below.  Enjoy!

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GIS Mind

GIS Mind?  What is that? Here is something I shared elsewhere a few minutes ago because I saw a need to precede other comments:The "Pincussion Effect"? I don't believe that a fourth measurement should constitute a fourth monument, unless precluded by statute, code, or judicial opinion that a land surveyor may tend to be squandered of his professional opinion thereby. Now, what if the legal description of the property in question calls for an iron pipe? Thence N 25°32'16" E, 325.12 feet to an…

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Origins and History of GIS

These days, the line which separates land surveying and GIS seems blurred for many. In fact, the interplay between the two is so conversational that some might say that they are merging. The history of land surveying has been discussed at length on this network but not much about the history of GIS. So i figured it was about time to open this discussion up, and what better place than the GIS group, right? On the Origins of GIS Any thorough and detailed history of GIS is not presently well…

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Portable GIS on a Stick!

GIS on a Stick from Free Geography Tools Jo Cook of Oxford Archaeology has created a portable suite of Windows’ GIS applications that can be run from a thumb drive on any Windows XP/Vista system, or from your local hard drive, with no installation required. Applications include:GRASS, a powerful but complicated GISQuantum GIS (version 10), a simpler GIS viewer/editor that incorporates some GRASS functionalitygvSIG, a full-blown GIS viewer/editorGeoServer, a open-source map serverPostGreSQL with…

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GIS - Greatest Infrastructure Schema or Get It Surveyed?

GIS - Greatest Infrastructure Schema or Get It Surveyed?  It should be no secret by now that GIS is  beneficial to the Land Surveyor and that Land Surveying is beneficial to GIS.  In this apparent symbiosis of professions that generates confusion among some professionals and many the layman (your client?) there remains to this day "The Chicken and The Egg".  Which came first?  Of course, Land Surveying, after all the rope-stretchers in Biblical Egypt had no GIS.  But which came first when a…

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Support Group for Land Surveyors


In this GIS support group forum, share any tips, tricks, resources or links that you might think will be helpful to other land surveyors who work with or specialize in Geographic Information Systems.


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    nathaniel quarshie you know you should start a new discussion in this group and formally ask the group for what you need.  No one answers the comments section.

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  • Student Surveyor

    Hi everybody... Great to be part of this group..

    I have being given my first ever GIS work, it's about determining the areas that are likely to get flooded and accessing the impact on the community.   All views are welcomed ...

  • Can anyone help me with tips on how to develop a GIS application for monitoring the progress of a civil engineering project. The civil works to be monitored include sewage reticulation, water and road construction.

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    GIS videos now added to this group.  In the future please tag all videos, photos and discussions related to GIS with the tag: GIS  and it will automatically be sent into this group...if you already have GIS related videos you've added to the site please Edit them to include the GIS tag
  • @Adekanbi: Can you be more specific? GIS is not just a topic. It is of huge coverage. In fact, it is a discipline. Cheers! :)
  • someone help me out, am given CIS as a Project. i need the best and the easiest methodology to adopt. the Land covers about 22 hectares and the Layout is not well structured.
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