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Mentorship in Land Surveying

Surveyor Mentorship Experiment

Surveyor Mentorship and Surveying Knowledge Exchange Project - Crew Apps for the Field

Your experience in Land Surveying is priceless to the next generation. But more importantly, it is the glue which holds your crew together.  We are trying something new as a community in order to attempt to improve inner crew communication across generations. 


New Surveyor AppFor the Seasoned Surveyor

Seasoned Surveyor App

 Imagine a world where you only had to say something once. Imagine the removal of frustrations involved with teaching the greenhorn the basics.  If you were to add your expectations and advice to the app and then just ask the new surveyors to add the app to thier phone, they will have all of your instructions and knowledge on that phone they have a hard time putting down.




Old Surveyor AppFor Those New to Surveying

New Surveyor App:

It is no secret that the boss doesn't understand you. You are most likely from a different generation and/or may have a different style of learning. One thing is for certain - you do not know what you are doing and that is ok. But imagine being able to save yourself the embarrassment of asking a surveying veteran a simple question about something which you are already expected to know. By asking for advice inside the New Surveyor App, you are asking ALL of the experienced surveyors in the community and crowdsourcing the answers. Not only that, you'll have the advice and expectations shared by your Party Chief so everyone is on the same page.  




Prism Surveyor Mentorship AppFor All Land Surveyors - Best of Both Worlds

Prism Education App:

This app not only aggregates the shared advice and questions from the other 2 apps, it is packed with surveying basics, surveying articles, resources, live events and more.  Add this app to your phone to see content shared from both the New Surveyor App and the Old Surveyor App.


To add any of these apps to your phone simply type in the URL to your mobile phone browser. Then look for the button at the bottom to install a shortcut to your home screen for quick access from the field.

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Mentorship Apps for Surveyors