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  • Sokkia sells a GSR Netlink program for a Windows CE phone for $200.
    This is basically NTRIP for your cell phone, with blue tooth you stream to rover, if you do not have bluetooth on rover get a bluetooth serial interface from various survey suppliers or PC tech store. These are bluetooth devices which you power with a 9v battery and have a 9 pin RS 232 connector (why cant the run the power thru the RS232?)

    there is also a freebe from the German
    Government the link is at \
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    Gary did you get enough info to hook it up? I have some workflows that i believe i can put my hands on that might help with N Trip. Skip
  • maybe [email protected]
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    I found a couple pieces of useful information Gary..i found this discussion:
    "Basically you have two options for establishing your connection, cellular modem or WiFi. Currently we have data phones with Sprint and At&T that we use for working on the CSDS VSN RTK network and our Trimble Access data transfer. They work pretty well but have noticed that the AT&T phone will drop the connection more often. The story I heard is that with all millions of smart phones out there, the providers data networks are getting overwhelmed and drop the data over voice. It is proving to be a problem in our LA office, and are probably going to switch over to a WiFi connection instead. We also have a Sprint MiFi card that allows use to connect using WiFi instead of a cellular modem. The slick thing about it is that will host up to 5 mobile devices at once, which may be your best bet to cover all of your needs. The connection works great and download speeds are pretty amazing for mobile PC use. The only down side is that the battery life is limited to about 4hrs of continuous data streaming, so buy the extra car charger.

    To set it up in your DC, you need to create a connection in your Windows Mobile Settings -> connections -> add a new modem connection. You need to know the dialing string for your provider. If you are running Trimble Survey Controller, the set up is under the Configuration -> Dial Profiles. You will need to know your IP address and port. After all that, you need to assign that dial profile to your survey style under Configuration -> Survey Styles -> (select your VSN RTK style or create one) -> Rover Radio -> Dial Profile.

    Best best is to contact the guys over at CSDS (California Surveying and Drafting Supply, and they'll take care of all your CA VSN RTK network needs." via
    and these two documents which look like they may be helpful too:

    i will look for some more options as well...hope this helps
  • Who do you know that can email regarding what phone to use and how to set it up to communicated to my RTK? No one at the Sprint, AT&T, or US Cellular locally can tell me anything of how to.....
  • PS leave the notebook in the truck streaming out RTK thru radio, you can also get internet access thru "phone modem" some phones support.
  • The way it is being currently used is to use the Dell (because you can order new with 9 pins rs232 port) and wifi thru a nearby wifi (you can get long range wifi modems) or thru your HTC

    This picks up the internet real time connections by IP address which are searched for you thru the program, pick one near you, these stream out real time corrections, the computer takes these and outputs thru the RS232 9 pin port in your dell or some other laptop that has old school ports. Anywho you hook up your mickey mouse radios thru that port and it transmits to your other mickey mouse radio modem hooked up to your rover.

    You can sometimes get rovers with built in radios either 450-470 mhz or spread spectrum on ebay fairly cheap right now. (please don't bid against me AKA jesusfreak2k) I like to buy the less then $1000
  • Now, even if I could get all this working, I cannot see strapping my notebook to the Rover Pole with the GPS unit too. Too bad the Units do not have a sim card slot and cell phone hardware built into them or piggyback unit.
  • I thought this out before and end up in the same dead end. No serial port - they are primitive and not my friend, LOL.
    The very useful, inexpensive, and somewhat limited PM3RTK has a connection that is equally primitive but familiar to those using the hand held gps units of the past and present with no provision for connection to USB or serial or anything other than it to the radio as supplied. The charging and connection piggyback unit that comes with it will allow me to use the unit with my Total Station and does have the cursed DB9 serial connection and other connections that will allow me to go from the piggyback to a PC with a usb or serial but not at the same time as the radio. I have seen the PM3 work with the Bluetooth and that is the way I suspect that I could get a connection to a cell phone internet.

    Opps, I just realized that you are saying that I will not be using my mickey mouse radios and that maybe the GPS PM3 units will somehow connect to my notebook and the notebook with your NTRIP software will immulate the radio using the internet to transfer data back and forth to a nearby internet connected transmitter. Now if I had a diagram, I could confirm this revelation.

    I recall seeing a download of an exe for Windows XP for the NTRIP program and I could try an experiment. Thanks.
  • you need a laptop with access to the internet
    the ntrip program
    the laptop must have a serial port unless your mickey mouse radio transmitter can use usb

    run the program, it will promt you for networks so do a search, a list will come up with networks that transmit RTK data real time.
    pick one near you.
    plug the transmitting radio into your serial port as if it was the GPS unit,
    you may need a special connecting wire.

    now it should be transmitting RTK, if not read the instructions for the program.
    go to rover and start RTKing
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Using Cellular Phone to connect to RTK

This is a continuation of the discussion occurring in comments.  Here is another possible source of information for you Gary  The earlier discussion: Today I went to a Starbucks, got a copy of NTRIP, loaded in my Dell laptop with WIFI and a 9 pin serial port, started the program, let is search for a network, picked one near me -CALTECH - and let is stream to COM 1 (the 9 pin serial port) which I attached a PDL radio that blinked TX for transmitting, then turned on my Astech X-Treme with…

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