National Surveyors Week

What is National Surveyors Week?


President Ronald Reagan proclaimed National Surveyors Week on February 13, 1984President Ronald Reagan proclaimed National Surveyors Week on February 13, 1984.

National Surveyors Week every year starts with the third Sunday in March and aims to educate the public through classroom contact, media, and visible public service.

Surveying has advanced civilization since the beginning of recorded history. When cities grow, planning is necessary for most earth-bound projects. The building of the Great Pyramid at Giza in 2700 BC is one of the first examples in the history of land surveying. Surveying is also used in transport, communications, mapping, and the definition of legal boundaries for land ownership. Many scientific disciplines use this important tool for research, too.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are 43,400 surveyors in the United States. Surveyors are skilled or familiar with several fields. Some of those fields include geometry, trigonometry, regression analysis, physics, engineering, meteorology, programming languages, and the law. While the basics of surveying are the same, the tools of surveying today use more technology than they once used. Drones and lasers have replaced much of the telescope-on-a-tripod work. Remote sensing and satellite imagery continue to improve and become cheaper, allowing more commonplace use. One prominent new technology includes three-dimensional (3D) scanning.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSurveyorsWeek

  • Learn about surveying careers.
  • Share your experiences as a surveyor.
  • Mentor someone.
  • Invite an engineering firm to speak to your group or class.
  • Host a brown-bag lunch and have a surveyor speak at the lunch.
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National Surveyors Week is a time to celebrate and recognize the important role that surveyors play in our society. It is a chance to honor their hard work and dedication in accurately measuring and mapping the land around us. By highlighting their contributions, we can raise awareness about the crucial role that surveyors play in various industries, from construction to urban planning to environmental conservation. This week serves as an opportunity to show appreciation for the specialized skills and expertise that surveyors bring to their work. For those interested in learning more about National Surveyors Week and the profession of surveying, there are a variety of resources available. The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) website offers information on events, resources, and ways to get involved in celebrating National Surveyors Week. Additionally, local surveying organizations and educational institutions may host events or provide information on how to support and recognize surveyors in your community. By taking the time to learn about this important profession, we can better understand the impact that surveyors have on our everyday lives. Furthermore, individuals interested in pursuing a career in surveying can use National Surveyors Week as a time to explore educational and training opportunities in the field. Surveying is a dynamic and rewarding profession that offers a range of opportunities for those with a passion for mathematics, technology, and the environment. By highlighting the work of surveyors during this week, we can inspire the next generation of surveyors to continue the important work of mapping and measuring the world around us. Celebrating National Surveyors Week is not only a way to honor those currently working in the field, but also to encourage others to consider a career in surveying and contribute to the advancement of this vital profession.

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National Surveyors Week is a time to not only celebrate the Land Surveying Profession, it is a time to gain exposure for your company and strengthen the surveying community!

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