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Michigan Land Surveyors group forum is for professional land surveyors in Michigan, MSPS members and LSU members who live and work in the state of Michigan, USA

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Charting the Great Lakes State: The Evolution of Surveying in Michigan

Michigan's rich surveying history parallels its diverse landscape, encompassing the majestic Great Lakes, expansive forests, and intricate waterways. From its early territorial days to its modern economic prominence, surveying has been instrumental in shaping Michigan's development. This exploration into Michigan's surveying heritage highlights notable surveyors, landmark surveys, the formation of professional organizations, key events shaping surveying practices, and additional insights into…

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Michigan Maps for Public Lands, Topo and Many More

Discovered some really terrific maps of Michigan today from the GOV site...though they might come in handy for land surveyors.  Thanks Michigan State Public Hunting Lands Public Hunting Lands Map State Game and Wildlife Areas Coal Mines Fish Atlas General Land Office Plats Geology - Bedrock - Quaternary Hydrology- Inland Lake Maps - Watersheds Land Acquisition Sources  - Maps with Codes - Maps with Area Fills Land Ownership - Land and Mineral Ownership - Mackinac Island Management Areas -…

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Michigan Land Surveyors

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Michigan, USA

In the Michigan Land Surveyors group, feel free to discuss anything related to land surveying industry in the state of Michigan.

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