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The following list is a very simple explanation of each of the types of surveys that are talked about here. As you can see, some types of surveys are known by multiple names.

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The Land Surveyors United Team and members of this community are working hard everyday to break down the barriers that have for so long kept the industry isolated. In this network, the language and cultural obsticles have been eliminated from your communication."

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Land Surveyors United is not just a community for land surveyors.  It is a living library, a social network, an educational platform, a discussion forum, a theatre and much more. Our network is a rapidly evolving community where professional land surveyors around the world share what they have learned during their career as a land surveyor.  Inside you can both contribute to the collective knowledge about surveying shared for future generations or learn something new, everyday.

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Are you looking for a job in land surveying ? Get involved with the Get Hired Experiment and Get Discovered.  Those who have available positions might like to check out our Surveyors Seeking Employment or post your available position to our International Surveying Jobs Board.

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Connecting Land Surveyors Worldwide

Share Your Surveying Knowledge for Future Generations

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This global community is Where Experienced Surveyors and those New to the Field Support One Another

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Find land surveying jobs anywhere in the world. Post employment opportunities for any surveying related position. Use our internationally crowdsourced jobs board for finding and posting employment opportunites.

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Are you tired of paying for stupid banner ads on website hoping they will someday get clicks? Imagine Every Manufacturer of Surveying Equipment and Every Vendor each with their own social support hub for both selling and supporting amazing products for the surveying community

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Find support for equipment and software you own by following the dedicated hubs for those products.  Stay up to date on latest updates, upgrades and more right from those who make the products you use

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