Roadmap to the Future

The Roadmap & You


Please look over everything inside this page and carefully consider what we are trying to do here.  Our roadmap to 2025 begins with making the great majority of the community private and Invite Only as we begin to accept member dues, empowering vendors/service providers, removing external advertising and decentralizing the control over the key features of this site-then distributing that control to the members.  We have set up an LLC called A to Zenith which is geared toward helping the members of Land Surveyors United accomplish their goals. More importantly, our grassroots organization will be putting surveyors to work and helping those in the workforce utilize technology to bring us closer together and increase productivity, worldwide.

Our Four Part Plan to a More Sustainable Community

As 2024 approaches,  we are preparing our community to become more sustainable, more financially stable and more helpful to our members.  We are doing this by reversing most all of the models which other communities rely and at times, exploit for purposes of generating income. And because said modalities often come at the expense of your privacy and do not have your best interests in mind, we aim to do things a bit differently..  In this page you will see a detailed outline of what we hope to accomplish, what we hope and plan to do away with and what advantages our new approach will have for you, the member. 

As you will see below, we have put a LOT of time and energy into formalizing this new approach,

  • We want to make this community more sustainable and put more control in the hands of the members. 
  • We hope to put our new plans for Continuing Education and Training through online courses and certifications into action. 
  • We want to be able to collectively send a few surveying students to school every year as a scholarship. 
  • We want to help surveying companies get more clients and improve their visibility online. 
  • We aim to help Vendors reach more customers by supporting the products they sell in a transparent and fun way.   
  • We want to help Local surveying chapters and Associations better communicate with their members and increase turnouts at Local Surveying events.
  • And we are committed to helping more surveyors enter the workforce, prepared and educated- ready to work. 

We cannot do any of these things listed above without your support.  Please consider the following 4 ways that we plan to put this plan into action. Your Feedback and suggestions are of course always encouraged.

Ways to Help Maintain Network and Keep Community Alive

We are Reversing the Banner Ad Model

We have officially opened up the Land Surveyor Marketplace, a collection of Hubs owned, controlled and branded by Vendors inside the community who sell equipment,software and services.  If you would like to have your own Vendor hub, you must do 2 things:

 1) You must identify yourself as a Vendor by editing your profile and choosing Vendor as your member type.  Once you have done so, you should be able to see this page just for Vendors.

2) Request a Vendor Hub to be set up for your company


If you are tired of throwing your money away on banner ads or print advertising hoping for clicks or calls, this is the solution for you.  We'll set up your Hub, brand it according to your website or preferences and import your social media profiles for you.  All you need to do is be ready to learn something new, willing to answer questions about your products from customers and followers and share new deals and specials with the community a few times per month. Marketplace Hubs can also have a dedicated mobile app built for making shopping on the go much simpler for land surveyors in the field.  Contact Justin with any questions you might have about developing a mobile app for your business.

We are excited to add your company to our Marketplace and look forward to hearing from you!  Once your Vendor hub is set up we'll send you an email to follow the Hub.  We'll then make you admin of the hub and you'll be able to completely control the backend and all of the pages inside the hub.  Pretty cool huh!


Visit Vendor Marketplace Presentation

Request a Vendor Hub to be set up for your company

Help Us Exist without External Advertising

We've Had it with irrelevant external advertising. Other sites use it to distract you from what you are trying to accomplish.  They pay big money to try to inject themselves into your life.  On top of that, irrelevant ads are intrusive, ugly and give outside parties too much information about what goes on inside YOUR community.  Therefore, beginning in 2024 and for the rest of time, advertising will only exist within this community inside Marketplace Hubs.  In order to replace our former means of financially supporting Land Surveyors United(ie External Advertising), beginning in January, the community will be powered and funded by member donations, micro-contributions and Marketplace hubs.  The only advertising that will be permitted is from within Marketplace Hubs and the vendors who sponsor them.

In other words, if you want to advertise your products and services on this site, we will be giving vendors and service providers MUCH MORE than any other website or community is providing for their advertising dollars.  For the same price you are paying for a simple little block of text or image on other sites, we are providing and entire miniature community to power your business.  For the same price you are paying to hope for clicks and conversions, we are providing a LIVING Advertisement...a Dynamic advertisement with its own URL.  

In the close to 14 years this community has been alive it has been growing-steadily, but aside from the occasional donation the financial burden has solely rested on the shoulders of Justin Farrow.  This must change in the year 2020.  Today with over 16k members, we have become a place where everyday land surveyors can openly communicate about anything, solve each other's problems, challenge one another to become better and leave behind a lasting impression for future generations of land surveyors.  Every single day, land surveyors seeking employment find jobs through this platform, sell equipment, troubleshoot software and find on demand surveying education, but the cost of all of this must now be passed on in part to the members in order to take it to the next level.


What we are working with

Heat Map of Members (20,100)

Just so we all know what we are working with, here is a new heat map of exactly HALF of our members.


Global Surveyor Map (members)

Volunteers & SURVambassadors

Looking for Volunteers to help with community day to day, operations.  If you are social media savvy and would like to help, take a look at the information in this module.  Thank you.


Future Roadmap to 2025

We are committed to rolling out several new tools and resources for land surveyors every month. In this section you can see the upcoming tools as well as the tools already released. Each tool comes with a feedback form for submitting your suggestions for improvement. Through our collaboration, we can build the most useful tools available for land surveyors.

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