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It costs roughly $500 per month to host and maintain this community. For over 12 years, Justin has paid for this out of pocket while surviving as graduate student. We do not run ads or distractions on the site.  Your donation will go towards keeping LSU alive and free for the entire Surveying Industry.   In addition, rest assure that your hard earned money will be put to use in at least one of the following ways:

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Since 2007, Land Surveyors United has been a free resource to surveyors worldwide and donations are our only real means of income. Today, more than ever, we need your donations to keep afloat.  Ever since we lost Skip Farrow (1953-2015) last year, this community is the sole responsibility of Justin Farrow who is a graduate student and cannot afford it alone.
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Thank you for supporting Land Surveyors United! This network is a dynamic support resource for professional land surveyors across the globe. We are rapidly becoming the premier grassroots worldwide support network for the entire land surveying industry and with this growth, we are in constant need of more server space, hosting options, translation options, etc. Due to the fact that Land Surveyors United is not currently financially sponsored by major companies or institutions, member donations are how we stay alive and growing. This is why you see no advertising to cloud your content. Please consider making a contribution to our growth by making a pledge to the community in an amount which you can afford.