Mobile Apps for Land Surveyors

Land Surveyor Apps for Data Collectors and Phones

The Land Surveyor App Suite is a collection of mobile web apps built exclusively for Land Surveyors United Members. You must be logged into the community for them to work.   Each app is a web application driven by a sophisticated spreadsheet database, meaning it will load in any mobile web browser without any need to install software.  Simply add the shortcut to your homescreen of your phone and open when you have something to share or need to find community assistance in the field or otherwise. 

The following web apps will make connecting with the community, finding land surveying resources, hunting down deals on equipment and finding available Land Surveying Jobs much easier.  Simply open any of the apps on your phone or tablet and click the "Add to Home Screen" button to add a shortcut to your phone with nothing to install.   Each app is regularly updated with new content and when you are in the field, you can use them to do things like share photos to your Local Chapter Hub, ask questions and more.  Enjoy!

Land Surveyor App Suite for Land Surveyors United Members

TIP: Try any of the apps on your internet enabled data collectors as well as phones and tablets.

New! You can now add any of our Apps to your Chrome Browser as a Chrome app which syncs everywhere you use Chrome.

All Apps are compatible with Android and Apple Devices!  When you open any app, look for the "Add to Homescreen" shortcut for quick access in the future!

Surveyor App Suite is compatible with Android mobile devicesSurveyor App Suite is compatible with all Apple mobile devices

Current Available Apps for Surveyors

Please be patient while current surveyor apps load.

Evolve Every Day with Land Surveyors United Community Apps

Open any of the Surveyor App Suite Apps while using Chrome Browser on your Desktop and you will now see a (+) button up in the address bar.

Click that and you'll see this pop up:

After you install the app to your Chrome Browser you will be able to find your app inside your Chrome Apps on top left of screen under the address bar. Or here: chrome://apps/

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Surveyor Spreadsheets Ultimate

Spreadsheet Programs Android Apple App for Land Surveyors

Helpful Land Surveyor Spreadsheet Programs for Surveyors on the Go from Land Surveyors United Community.

Link to Spreadsheets App

United States Land Surveyors

As #nationalsurveyorsweek comes to a close we wanted to do our part in bringing #surveyors together and helping everyone better communicate. In this new app we built You can quickly and easily share photos to any state hub or introduce yourself to to other surveyors in your state with a click!
Remember that you now earn points to your profile for sharing and engaging with others inside the community! You'll soon be able to trade points for gear and prizes! We look forward to learning about #surveying in your area.

Land Surveying Jobs App

Find Land Surveying Jobs Anywhere in the world inside this app built for by Land Surveyors United Community  This app refreshes every hour with new jobs from around the world.

Link to Surveyor Jobs App

Survey Equipment Support On the Go

Find help with your Land Surveying Equipment from the field with quick links to forums, share photos and videos inside Land Surveyors United Community

Link to Equipment App

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Surveying Video Tutorials App

Carry a mobile of our Land Surveying Videos and How To videos with you for quick reference and lookup. This mobile app for Android or Apple devices also provides quick links to every Video Category .With the new Land Surveying Video Tutorials App, members can have quick access to any of the Surveying Tutorals found inside our community video library.

Link to Surveyor Videos Tutorials App

Survey Equipment Hunter App

Land Surveyor Mobile App for finding deals on Surveying Equipment

Add this mobile app for having deals and hot pricing on Equipment for Land Surveyors built for Equipment Hunter Website by Land Surveyors United Community  This app refreshes every hour with new equipment from around the world.

Link to Survey Equipment Hunter App

Land Surveyor Dictionary App

Carry a mobile of our Land Surveying Dictionary and Land Measurement Conversion Guide with you for quick reference. This mobile app for Android or Apple devices also provides quick links to every Location Based Surveyors Hub for easily sharing photos and discussions from the field.  It also has built in chat and quick access to all of the Surveyor Excel Spreadsheets found in the Spreadsheets App.

Link to Surveyor Dictionary App

International Surveyor Hubs Quicklaunch

International Hubs Android Apple App for Land Surveyors

Land Surveyors United Members UNITE! Find your country and either introduce yourself or tell us something about surveying in your area of the world! Get The app now for Android and Apple Devices Link to App

Survey Equipment Support App

Land Surveyor Equipment Support AppLand Surveyors United Member around the world use a variety of advanced equipment built by various manufacturers.  One of the most difficult problems with surveying equipment isfinding support when you need it. Therefore a Land Surveyor's best technical support is another land surveyor who has familiarity with same equipment.    Use this app to find targeted advice from other land surveyors who may have experienced similar troubles by asking your questions inside the right Hub and forum.  Share tips and tricks that you think other surveyors may have experienced or will experience.

Link to Equipment Support App

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