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Because Land Surveyors United is free to members and visitors, donations are our only real means of income. We (Land Surveyors United Team) would be very grateful to accept any donations that members or visitors may wish to give to us to keep everything running smoothly. Whatever balance that remains at the end of the year, we use it to help someone who needs it in our community.
Thank you for supporting Land Surveyors United! This network is a dynamic not-for-profit support resource for professional land surveyors across the globe. We are rapidly becoming the premier grassroots worldwide support network for the entire land surveying industry and with this growth, we are in constant need of more server space, hosting options, translation options, etc. Due to the fact that LSU is not currentlyfinancially backed by any major companies or institutions, member donations are how we stay alive and growing. Please consider making a contribution to our growth by making a pledge to the community in an amount which you can afford.

Your donation will go towards keeping LSU alive and free for the Surveying Industry. In addition, rest assure that your hard earned money will be put to use in at least one of the following ways:Monthly costs with maintaining Hosting, Network Maintenance, Live Support, Fees associated with monthly billing related all of the moving parts of LSU, Development of Real-Time support tools, Web Development, Mobile Version and Application Development, Out Reach, Development of Continuing Education Program for Surveyors and Online Training in Foreign Countries and more.

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Well, unlike many surveying news organisations, we have no big sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests and we are not here to make money- we just want to pay the bills. We don't put up a paywall – we believe in free access to information that can improve land surveying and inspire the next generation land surveyor in all areas of the world.

Also, unlike many of the big players in the industry, we actually provide tools and resources for finding surveying jobs, sourcing equipment, mentorship and muhc more.

We endeavour to provide the community with real-time access to true unfiltered advice and resources firsthand, from primary sources. It is a bumpy road with all sorties of difficulties.
We can only achieve this goal together. Our community is open to any land surveyor (no matter level of experience) and organizations who want to contribute to our living library of surveying history, publish high-quality insights regarding any aspect of land surveying and or provide mentorship to those with less experience in the field. You and we have the right to know, learn, read, hear what and how we deem appropriate.
Your support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance! Land Surveyors are UNITED because you care about the future of the profession.

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Uniting Land Surveyors Worldwide in social support and solidarity has proven useful during times of crisis. Our members know that if a question in the field cannot be answered, a solution can be found on Land Surveyors United. Upgrading your membership by donating to the community allows us to become a real bonafide international organization for Land Surveyors to use in support of one another but also to promote their business locally (for the public) and internationally (for the legacy).



What is Land Surveyors United

Land Surveyors United began in March of 2007 as a network for professional land surveyors to connect and educate the next generation. Today, with over 18,000 members worldwide, we are a grassroots community of Land Surveyors, Student Surveyors, Educators, and advocates for the profession, working on experiments and projects designed to push land surveying into new spaces, strengthening the industry and raising awareness in the public.

Our community provides an open, collaborative environment for interdisciplinary exploration and conversations around Land Surveying, where students and professionals learn together and from one another, everyday. In short, we’re energized by hard questions in surveying worth answering; we believe in the process as much as the product.

Why should Surveyors Get Involved?

Your friends and family might not all know what you are talking about but we do.  Your family may look at you like you are crazy for thinking and speaking in 4 dimensions, but that is the only way we understand it too.  Land Surveyors United was built by surveyors and will forever serve the surveying community in the name of support, geocollaboration, geosocial networking and public awareness about the importance of land surveyors to civilization, powered by the community members, curated for the next generation.

Everyday, this community is here to support you.  When your equipment takes a crap, your fellow surveyors know where you are coming from. When you need advice on what to do about XYZ or what your options are for ZYX, there is a targeted hub of surveyors who know what you are talking about.

What Your Donation Gets You

When you make your donation, tell us your Member Number. Your donation activates your member number across the various member apps, whitelisting you to see more, have access to more resources, tools and premium content such as courses, articles and more. Also, when you donate, your Member Number gets automatically added to our Monthly Member Drawing, where you can win valuable prizes from our Smarketplace Vendors every month. Those who subscribe with the Basic Membership or higher get 12 chances to win every year, with a new drawing every month on the last day of the month. Your donation gives you the access to list free Surveying Jobs listings, Free Surveying Company Business Listings, access to educational opportunities and more. Where else can you get all of this for less than $5/month?



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