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GIS Mind

GIS Mind?  What is that? Here is something I shared elsewhere a few minutes ago because I saw a need to precede other comments:

The "Pincussion Effect"? I don't believe that a fourth measurement should constitute a fourth monument, unless precluded by statute, code, or judicial opinion that a land surveyor may tend to be squandered of his professional opinion thereby. Now, what if the legal description of the property in question calls for an iron pipe? Thence N 25°32'16" E, 325.12 feet to an iron pipe? Would the pipe not be the true corner, regardless of the math? The only argument I would have that it be not, would consist of confirmation that the pipe had been disturbed. Aside the fact that the pipe is probably not iron, but, in fact, steel, may be a bit trivial, however, who in their GIS mind would know or even care of the difference between a monument of any kind or character vs. another? Who in their GIS mind would it be consequential that the measurements between monuments on the ground and the mathematical deed descriptions connecting them do not match?


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    point of observation>> Truly any form of material could be used to indicate corners or boundary of a parcel but rules and specification of monumentation should strictly be adhere and abide as a professional land surveyor. 

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