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Boundary Dispute

In response to many requests for advice on boundary disputes we have compiled a set of guidelines but ultimately if the case is unresolved, due to the complexity of the law, you will need to contact a specialist lawyer. First and foremost with any boundary dispute you need to establish the facts before discussing these with a neighbor to try and resolve the issue amicably or before taking the matter further with legal action.
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Site Planning Survey

A site planning survey is a type of land surveying required by local governing jurisdictions for building permit applications. It is used to plan developments and propose improvements of a site before construction starts. More specifically, a site planning survey is often done for designing commercial sites, industrial sites, residential areas, and road infrastructure.

Site planning surveys typically make use of elements of both topographic and boundary surveys. They involve topography, grading,

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When a land surveyor locates and establishes points between two survey stations, that act is called ranging. There are two conventional methods of ranging: the direct method and the indirect method.

Direct Ranging Method

This is applicable to situations where the ends of the survey stations are inter-visible. Meaning, you can see point X from point Y and vice versa. 

Indirect Ranging Method

This one is for survey stations that aren’t inter-visible. Ranging rods are set up between the two points or s

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Student Surveyor

What is Spatial Data?

Spatial data, also known as geospatial data, is a term used to describe any data related to or containing information about a specific location on the Earth’s surface.The BasicsSpatial data can exist in a variety of formats and contains more than just location specific information. To properly understand and learn more about spatial data, there are a few key terms that will help you become more fluent in the language of spatial data.VectorVector data is best described as graphical representation
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