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Pacing consists of counting the number of steps or paces in a required distance. Distances obtained by pacing are sufficiently accurate for many purposes in surveying. Pacing is also used to validate survey work and eliminate any taping blunders.
Measuring your pace length requires a measured 100-foot distance. You then walk this distance and count the number of steps. It is best to repeat the process four times and average the results.
It is possible to adjust your pace to an even three feet, but this should usually be avoided. It is very difficult to maintain an unnatural pace length over a long distance. Accurate pacing is done by using your natural pace, even if it is an uneven length such as 2.6 feet. It is difficult to maintain an even pace when going up hill or down hill.
Using your natural pace will make this easier.
Another error can occur if you are not consistent in starting with either the heel or toe of your shoe. If you place your toe at the start point, then also measure the end point with your toe. Starting with the heel and ending with the toe is a common mistake.
Some surveyors prefer to count strides. A stride is two steps or paces. This reduces the counting but often requires using part of a stride to determine the total distance.
Pacing is a valuable skill for surveyors. It requires some practice and concentration. Experienced pacers can measure distances within 1/50 to 1/100 in open and level terrain.
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