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Looks amazing... Anyone have one?Seems to bring the best of all of them together.Can you pair it with a more accurate rtk position from say an R8?Thanks,Rich

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Upgrade to MX

Has anyone upgraded to the MX from the previous version? I have 3 of the CXs running Carlson SurvCE and am interested in any perceived performance increases. Any other benefits? My data collectors are getting long in the tooth and judging whether this is a good year end purchase.Thanks.Rich

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  • hmmmn, what a nice data collector, can you tell us the price including shipment to middle east?
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  • @Kate: If the project area is generally of low foliage or generally under open sky then I suggest using your trimble in VRS mode if you're not familiar with it. You can use your gps receivers as independent rovers and get differential correction via VRS. VRS offers survey grade output to the tune of 0.10m to 0.30m. Of course, the accuracy is subject to physical and systematic sources of error such as multipath.
  • @Arnel: Wish I could get that threw the heads of these Engineers up here. WAAS I know. So you do alot of construction layout? I am bidding on a large job here, mapping snowmachine trails in the Petersville AK. area. I do not know what the stipulations are for accuracy yet. These trails change year to year depending on the amount of snow, 2m to 5m accuracy might be acceptable. Other wise I will be forced to drag out the Trimble set up and the Total Station. This area can get 4 to 5 feet of snow and -40 degrees with only 4 hours of daylight. Dark time can get -50+. Equipment does not like cold. Cables snap, batteries die, screens go black. Maybe this Juniper would be good. Keep in chest harness to keep warm, next to avalanche beacon.
  • @Kate: SBAS is Satellite Based Augmentation System. WAAS/EGNOS is a form of SBAS. It is actually a differential correction service. Without SBAS, your GPS handheld can only provide you navigation grade accuracy (30 meters with Selective Availability or S/A off). A GIS grade GPS receiver can only provide GIS grade accuracy (2m to 5m). It is not a survey grade tool. Using a GIS grade GPS receiver in construction layout is NEVER acceptable.
  • @Arnel: So you can load TDS into it and work it like a data collector. I have engineers running around with these GIS thingies thinking they are surveying, but the crap is about to hit the fan over private property owners rights and boundary lines. We have enough trouble with high dollar GPS equipment, lack of satelites this far north, density of the trees, very few permenate base stations. I can see where this Juniper would be handy in the right hands, it is cute looking. You must do alot of construction layout? What is SBAS feature? We don't get to see alot of fancy new equipment up here.
  • @Kate: the GPS onboard this handheld is only a GIS grade. The SBAS feature is only available in your area. When used in my place (Philippines) it self-downgrades to navigation grade.
  • @Kate: This is just another Windows Mobile handheld PC. You can install surveying sofware of your choice that supports Windows Mobile OS: SurvCE, Survey Pro, Fieldgenius, and others. The beauty of this product is that if offers wider screen. Wide screen provides ease of work in the field if you're employing the visual surveying methodology. If you're comfortable with the textual methodology, then Sokkia SDR33 is just enough for your job. It really depends on your preference. In my case, I prefer using this product as it provides me wider space of my visual work specially basic COGO/CAD functions.
  • What the heck is it....Never heard of it. Is it like TDS? Is it just a GIS tool...Handheld GIS? I don't think it would work for my jobs...Maybe this is what all the office engineers are talking about.........So they can eleminate us surveyors.....Nothing worse than an engineer staking line with a hand held GPS.....Just asking.....Take no offense......
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