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Carlson SurvCE, Roading, Issues with Reference Object

I am working with Carlson SurvCE  Version 5.07 on the Carlson Tablet Data Collector. I work in the Transportation field, and use the roading feature daily. When in the Stake Road function, I am having issues using the reference object setting when staking by a section file, ie staking the Finish grade for an EP and also Staking the Back of Curb, Back of Curb being my reference object selected. The issue I keep having is that when selecting the reference object, it locks up the data collector. I…

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Carlson SurvCE ver 2.58 Localisation

Hi can anyone please help. I am splitting a large cadastral layout into managable portions. After doing the initial site localisation I want to use this same localisation file for each of the portions as separate surveys without revisiting all the points used in the localisation yet starting each portion as a new job. Is this possible? I thought of doing the localisation as a job then saving it to the pc, then renaming this file for each of the portions of 100+ plots being surveyed

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  • Hey friends.

    The SurvCE release notes 2012 document is available at Carlson knowledge base and the SurvCE 2.60 too.

  • Hi everyone,

    It is great for us, SurvCE users, to upgrade the software at least two times per year, but it would be greatest if the manual, or at least some notes, could be upgraded at the same time, in this way we can take advantage of the new features easily.

    I am using the SurvCE 2.56 version, but the manual I have is the 10/21/2010 revision. Any help in this matter will be appreciated thanks.

    Ivan Barrera


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