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I started Surveying with the Seabees in Vietnam in 1968. Have gone the gauntlet starting as a chainman, rodman, crewchief, surveyor in training to head surveyor with an engineering company. I have had my own business for about 20 years. I am very concerned about our profession going by the wayside and being replaced with GIS people who know very little about real property and title problems and solutions. I would like to be involved with the separation of the two professions but creation of a working environment that both share. I am fully aware of the significance of the technology that exist and its meaningful relationship with the Land Surveying aspect. I look forward to the GIS community developing a good working relationship with the Surveying Community that will enchance the capability of both Professions.

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  • Carl,

    The US Navy probably has the most opportunities for training in the land surveying profession and industry than any other single organization.  I was not a Seabee, myself, but I am proud and thankful for all who are now serving and for those who made it home, and especially for those were not quite so lucky.


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