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I am working with Carlson SurvCE  Version 5.07 on the Carlson Tablet Data Collector. I work in the Transportation field, and use the roading feature daily. When in the Stake Road function, I am having issues using the reference object setting when staking by a section file, ie staking the Finish grade for an EP and also Staking the Back of Curb, Back of Curb being my reference object selected. The issue I keep having is that when selecting the reference object, it locks up the data collector. I have a work around as in going into the section file and obtaining the back of curb elevation and punching that elevation in once I have stored the shot. It is a bit time consuming from a construction stand point and I am not the only on in my company that is having this issue. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, and if so what was the fix. We keep checking for updates, but have not seen any.


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