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Arc reference line

Hii frnds.. hope all doing well... can anybody guide me about arc reference line in NIKON NPL 362 . At starting we need to fill pt1 then tangent angle... which tangent angle we have to input here. Plz make it clear. ThnxRegardsNayum khanLand surveyor

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  • Kyaw Min Tun thanks so much please solve an example
  • Land Surveyor

    Hi Imran daud shah,

    We can get AZ1 and AZ2 Azimuth direction from two ways.

    First way -  AZ1 and AZ2 is perpendicular by center point (O) to P1 line. So we will know AZ1 and AZ2 azimuth direction.

    Second way - If you using AUTO Cad , can measure angle direct from North line 0 degree to AZ1 and AZ2 line.

  • yes bus sir how we measure with out auto and any formula or any tips
  • Land Surveyor
    U have to measure it in autocadd. Draw a line from p1 to north direction . And then check the angle between north line and arc line. That will be ur az1z same like u can measure az2
  • Can you help me how to measure
  • Land Surveyor
    Thnx a lot mr. Kyaw min tun.... i got it. I will check it. And mr imran doud shah thi az1 and az2 will measured from north.
  • Thanks sir but how I defied AZ1 and AZ2
  • Land Surveyor

    1201343833?profile=originalHi NAYUM KHAN,

    you can follow this photo instruction.

  • Land Surveyor
    Hii nikon form members and admin..
    There is problem or confusion that how to use arc reference line by using radius and arc lenth. Plz solve it.
  • Hi Nikon Forum,

    I did measure a closed polygon, which I downloaded only their coordinates, apparently shot last loop coordinates are not the same as the beginning coordinate (no price difference)
    how to coordinate alignment

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