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  •  Hello Nayum,

    Thank you, this is first I here of this. I have only used a few on board programs for downloads, most came with the Total Station. I have and prefer to use Data Collectors and mainly used HP calculators before them even though I had the on board programs I have and do use programs in my calculator, I had more programs than the Total Station had and I still do. I still prefer to use a Data Collector when collecting  large files with many points. But thanks ,I will look for this,to learn more.

    Best Regards,


  •  Hi  Imran,

    Az1 is the Azimuth or Bearing going toward the Beginning of the Curve (PC) This data can be taken off of plans or if you have coordinates on this center line then you can inverse between 2 of them to find it.

    Az2 the same inplies,if you do not have the data or coordinates then you can solve the Azimuth of the new tangent leaving the Curve at the (PT) End of curve  or point of Tangent from the Central Angle or also called the Delta angle.. I will give you a lesson in Coordinate geometry it contains how to solve curve not let the word Tangent confuse you. tangent means straight line,but the term is also use in curve data. As as the dist between the PC to the PI then to the PT ,this is also apart of the curve it also implies a Trigonometry Function. This program in the Total Station is solving where points are in relation to the Arc line or center line of the curve. See attached file

    Also I am assuming that this question is on Arc reference line.

  • Billy brooks thanks so much sir but sir how we find the value of AZ1 and Az2...?
  • Hi again Nayum,

    here is a link to a manual download PDF,but I have a question  what is a Transit??? doing in a Total Station software . I was not aware of software of a total station with this name. please explain???.



    You may have to join or not, before this link will work…
    • Land Surveyor

      hello Billy..

      thnx for responding. this transit is not for toatal station. its a data downloading software from total station to i have it before but somehow it dameged thts why i need it.

      thank you so much.

      nayum ali

  • Land Surveyor
    Yess why not.... send me that transit. I hv sone emergency.
  • Aoa did you know how to transfer data with flash driver I have nivo m2 nikon
  • I will I think I have
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