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Arc reference line

Hii frnds.. hope all doing well... can anybody guide me about arc reference line in NIKON NPL 362 . At starting we need to fill pt1 then tangent angle... which tangent angle we have to input here. Plz make it clear. ThnxRegardsNayum khanLand surveyor

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Nikon DTM - A10 lg manual

I am a retired engineer trying to help a charity that runs a wilderness camp that was destroyed by a forest fire. They are required to have a topographic survey to locate the new septic treatment facility that is required in the rebuilding process. T

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Error message on Nikon DTM 330

Hi everyone. I am glad to find such a group as this. I am using a Nikon DTM 330 which has suddenly displayed the following screen when turned on.......

Program Install

BPS:38400  D:7bit

P:None     S:1bit

F:Xon/Xoff  Atype

Has anyone ever seen such a scree

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Nikon AP-5 Automatic Level

Hi all,

Looking for a manual for the subject auto-level.  In particular I need the specs for a proposal. My company doesn't have the manual.  If someone could scan the pertinent page I would be forever grateful. Thanks


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