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Nikon DTM - A10 lg manual

I am a retired engineer trying to help a charity that runs a wilderness camp that was destroyed by a forest fire. They are required to have a topographic survey to locate the new septic treatment facility that is required in the rebuilding process. To assist in this process I have acquired a used dtm a10lg. I am wondering if anyone has a manual for this instrument? or if it goes by a different designation. or if it is very similar to a different model?

Thank you Stephen

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  • Found it.

    Also have Manuals for 302, 400, 502, 652

    Nikon DTM A10LG Manual.pdf
  • Interesting. Four Years later and not one person has a. copy?

    I also need a copy of the Manual.


    it is not an A100 

    it is a DTM A10LG

    the DTM A20LG is a similar instrument

  • GEO Ambassador

    Was that a DTM  A100 by Chance?    the A10 looks to be a Nikon Camera.

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