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I am a surveyor based in Kampala , Uganda i mainly do cadastral surveys , but also deal in survey equipment, and have provided some equipment to some government departments.

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cadastral, topographic, boundary surveys, Equipment Repair

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  • And about the traditional boundaries, what you are doing is great, when people see them sketches they usually feel like their properties are known in the map. Do that is very great but after that teach them the importance of having Title(certificate of occupancy) like to easy get loan from any bank and do some development to themselves. Then if the feel worth it then do cadastral survey for them. Good luck for that.

  • Oh, since they are very precise, zero order control points are very useful in all aspects, for instance, establishing of first order control points extension, for engineering works(road.railway or bridge constructions). For topographical survey. etc But most of the time we use them for control extension thus you can imagine how many first order are there! And they was there long ago, but there was project called TRIMBLE GPS CAMPAIGN and we were remeasuring them(0 order).

  • Yes Toby in Tanzania we do have approximately ten zero order control points Kagera, Mwanza, Mara, Kigoma, Mbeya, Ruvuma, Lindi, Mtwara, Iringa and Tanga. I don't know about you there.

  • Oh that is the easy one the most commonly used plants for local boundary demarcation or even security is MICHONGOMA (swahili-TZ)

    Also visit

    Karibuni kwenye blog yangu ambayo najaribu kutoa elimu kidogo niliyo nayo. Kama unataka kufanya kilimo, ufugaji wanyama, ufugaji wa samaki, ufugaji w…
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