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Land Surveyor

Including Taped distances as observations in Trimble Access to help with Network adjustments for ALTA/NSPS minimum standards reports

Hello everyone,My name is Chris Siebern and a am a professional land surveyor in Indiana, United states of America.  We have survey procedures in place that keep all of our staked corners within the ALTA/NSPS minimum standards most of the time.  Where I'm finding issue is when staking out corners that are very close together, like within 30 ft.  The crew is using an on-site base station and RTK to set the corners and measuring positions with double occupation after staking, but we are "just"…

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Retired Surveyor

Robotic Trimble S5 - functionality

Anyone has a manual for this particular equipment please to share.I accompanied a junior surveyor on one topo survey and showed me that the machine shows some reading results such as Horiz. Angles, Veritical Angles etc but what puzzled him was a Vertical Distance reading of around 0.167 and in some cases lesser. He claim that this reading should be pretty close to 0.00 otherwise a reobservation is required. May I seek what does this vertical distance refers to? Is it a misclose reading or just…

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Student Surveyor

5603 Stake Out Question

I am a home builder that purchased a 5603 with TCS2 data collector running Surveyor Pro 4.7.I have no experience in surveying but I am slowly learning to use the machine.My question or problem is I have experimented with staking out a 25'x25' square in my driveway which is pretty level. When I check the points and square it up, it's dead on. I then tried in my yard with a decent slope. It's telling me it's roughly a 3' drop in 25'. That point is off about 2". I'm not sure how to correct this or…

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Land Surveyor

Upgrade Trimble GPS 5800 R8

I am attempting to update an R8 receiver for the upcoming GPS week rollover.  Currently it has v2.31 and according to Trimble v2.32 needs to be installed to handle the rollover.  After downloading the WinFlash utility and while it is configuring the software update I get the following error:Device Failure [824] The software for the Trimble R8/R6 on Com1 cannot be upgraded due to the firmware and hardware mismatch.Any ideas on what to do next?   

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2 Replies · Reply by Mario Alberto Piza Jun 11, 2019

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  • Land Surveyor

    Buenas noches, mi pregunta es la siguiente, es posible la compatibilidad entre un receptor 4700 y una colectora TSC2, cual seria la mejor configuracion para la interoperabilidad de estos equipos.

    De antemano gracias.


  • Seeking Employment

    I tried it at work today.

  • Seeking Employment

    Any news on the Trimble SX10?

  • Land Surveyor

    Good evening, I am a user of Trimble 4700 GPS equipment, on January 1st, 2017 perform a positioning of a baseline, when I downloaded the information to my PC I realized that the date of removal was put on 18/05/1997, THERE IS SOME APPLICATION TO UPDATE THE DATES AT THE CURRENT TIME OF THE SURVEY.

  • Land Surveyor
    Hi im looking for EGSTAR for my Rtk machine. South S82
  • Hi,

    I don't know how my face got on here. I did have some Trimble questions a while back. I found a good Trimble repair guy near Atlanta Ga if anybody is interested. He worked for Trimble before going out on his own & has kept my 5303 Robot working great.

  • Any one use a Zeiss Elta 50.. Here?? Just an inquiry since Trimble bought Zeiss out!

  • Can anyone help me with these questions about R10 and 4700? Thanks.
  • This might be a simple question, but I have Pathfinder Office 5.20, and everytime I try to load a WMS service I get an error. Does any one have any links that work, I have tried all teh WMS services i use in ArcGIS, but they all show errors. Is there a set Trimble offers, i could not find it on their web sites, or is there ones that every one uses. All I want are the world images like on ArcGIS, or Bing, or google earth. they work iin the GIS world, so they should work on pathfinder office too. thanks for all your help.

    PS, I am in BC, Canada, if that makes diffrence, it shouldent though.

  • GEO Ambassador

    Hi Mashaka.. you most likely will not get much of a response when you just add a comment because there is no way to directly reply to it.  Your best bet is to start a new discussion in this group forum so that everyone here gets a notice that you need feedback..

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