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Land Surveyor

Does anyone know how to remove & replace the internal CR2430 Lithium Coin Battery 3V on a Trimble 5600/Geodimeter Alpha CU kepad as in the photo. It has a clip holding it in place and I cant extract the battery. Any help much appreciated.10268350490?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Not a Surveyor

    Unsolder, then remove from board, some have double sided sticky pads making them really hard to take off, 

    Only do one at a time, or if completely flat or removed in one go you will loose the software and will require it re programmed ( we can do in the UK if you wish to ship) 

    • Student Surveyor Not a Surveyor


      just recently got a 5605 DR200+ and even though it fires up OK, I'd like to replace batteries in the Geodimeter CU and the instrument, so I'll know it will be good for a while (no idea what is the state of battieries right now).

      I am trying to find something/someone/somewhere in Canada (where I live) or US but not much luck. Trimble deos not even what to discuss anything related to 5600 Series....

      Even when trying to buy from them a TSC3 with TA software (hoping it will work my TS)... NO ANSWER!!!... if you do not have 000s of $s to spend on a new TS: they do not want your business...


      anyone here knows if a TSC3 will run my Robotic 5605?... and what software should have?

      I am ONLY needing to set out points for residential builds !!!

  • Land Surveyor

    I have dealt with this problem a few times... All I can say is that Trimble (so maybe more correctly Geodimeter) made this extremely user-non-friendly.

    There are 2 batteries in these, and they can't be easily replaced.  There are tabs that are factory soldered to the batteries that are then soldered direcetly to the board.  Once the batteries get too low, they need to be replaced, and in my case they don't seem to last too long (maybe a year or so).  I was sending the unit off to a Trible service center once a year to get them changed, but I got frustrated with that and tried to do my own.

    I did successfully replace the batteries myself using CR2430 batteries that have the tabs pre-soldered (part number CR2430FH-LF or CR2430-P1-2 or COMP-1-2).  I de-soldered one of the batteries and then soldered in a new one, then desoldered the other and soldered in a new one.  I didn't want to desolder both at the same time because (at least I think) that the unit may lose memory if both batteries are removed at the same time.  In any case it did work and the unit didn't lose memory.  It isn't too obvious, but the board will pull off the faceplate if you pull it directly back. You don't need to remove any screws).  There are some pins that just friction fit to keep the board together with the faceplate.  The pins are just to the right of the battery in your picture.  You will need to seperate the boards in order to get access to the other side to de-solder the batteries.

    This whole process makes me pretty nervous because you are basically working on an energize board (even if its only 3.2V), and I think that doing this does come with some risk of frying the unit.

    I also considered modifiying things so I could more easily replace the batteries using this:

    But I ended up chickening out and not doing it.  I'm not sure if there is enough space to get these holders soldered in to the board.


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    • Land Surveyor

      Thanks very much Grant, I will consider the info you gave me. Do you mean that there are 2 batteries in the keypad or as I suspect one in the keypad and one in the main unit? ( I haven#t opened the main unit yet).

      Trimble have refused to service the 5600 as they say 1) it's no longer supported and 2) the cannot supply original (OEM) CR2430 batteries and can't guarantee third party batteries, So I probably will have to take the plunge and do as you did! Many thanks again.


      • Land Surveyor

        Cansel in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada still workes on these.  If it says something like "Program Lost!' when you power it up, you'll probably need to send it away.

      • Land Surveyor

        There are 2 batteries in each.  The keypad takes 2 batteries and the total station takes 2.  They are all the same battery.  Just a warning - if the battery voltage drops too low in the keypad, it loses its memory and (at least according to Tribmle) needs to get reloaded with software.


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