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    We have had one for two years and none of our crews like to use it. As it is a scanner and robotic total station combined in one unit, it does not do a good job of either. It is very bulky and heavy, susceptible to the wind, there is no eyepiece, all target pointing has to be done using the data collector image (slow), the accuracy doesn't seem to match the manufacturer's claims and auto-pointing on targets closer than 20 metres was not reliable. We have done a repeated high-redundancy deformation survey with this 1" instrument and our 2" S7. The solved variance components from the adjustments of both data sets had the S7 agreeing well with the spec accuracies, yet the SX10 direction and distance accuracy components were both much poorer than the S7 values. These differences may be the result of our crews having less experience with the SX10 and pointing via the data collector. This instrument is not making us any money sitting on our equipment room floor. This is just my humble opinion and I am anxious to hear the experiences of other users. 

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