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Trimble 5600 Robotic Radio

I have a Trimble Robotic 5603 (internal 2.4GHz radio) I have tried to connect to TSC2 running Trimble SCS900 software and get incompatible radio error message.

Support says no, the internal radio on the TSC2 is not compatible with the radio in the 5600 series. He will need to purchase an external 2.4 GHz radio and cable if he wants to run the 5600 with his TSC2 We have a working 2.4 GHz external radio.

We have two TSC2 Data Collectors both running Trimble "SCS900" software, one with internal radio the other without. External radio fails to contact either of our two working TSC2 Data Collectors. I have been working with Trimble Robotics for ten years and my equipment is all in working order.

My hunch is that if the TSC2 were running either; Trimble "Survey Controller" (now defunct) software or the new Trimble "Access" software the set up would work. My hopes are someone here has the answer. Thanks

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  • I know this thread is old but wanna let u know that the trimble 5603 will not conntect to the internal radio of a TSC2, you have to use the external radio.
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  • Jobber I do not have any problem with the GPS connect throuh

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    perhaps the attached guide might help...i need to look into this a little further...

    I am assuming you have already looked through this support material from

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      or maybe the support tab here 

      like i said, ill look into it more for you if these do not solve the problem..good luck!

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