Trimble R10 with a 4700 base

I'm a long time user of the Trimble 4800 and 4700 gps systems.  They've way out performed their life span but just keep right on giving me good results.  I'm thinking seriously about buying the Trimble R10 but I don't want to drop $50,000 on 2 new systems.  I'm planning on using the VRS network in my area but there are several spots that I won't be able to be on the VRS.  Couldn't I just use the R10 and my 4700 base in the case of not being on the VRS?  What will I be losing if I do this?  I'm also wanting to upgrade to a newer base radio and hope that the new base radios will work with my 4700.  Any thoughts would be helpful.  Not sure I always get the best thoughts from my dealer.

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    there may be someone to help you directly inside the Trimble Support Group   if you drop a comment there pointing to this discussion you may see some immediate activity..

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      First the 4700 will work as a Base, and it will transmit you a signal but only what it is designed to which is L1,L2. basic GPS  Hopefully your projects want be downtown, around buildings etc. where you will need Glonass as part of your RTK solution to be productive. If most of your daily projects are within the radius of the VRS, and only 10% or 15% falls outside the area. You could purchase 3 receivers, which could all be potential  Rovers, then when you need a Base, configure one to be base and hook up  a base radio, and you'll save on that fourth receiver. Comes down to where those 10% projects usually fall, and how bad do you need Glonass data.

      As for radios, you are probably using Pacific Crest with Trimble 450s labeled and painted yellow, and the radios you have will transmit the signal, but the new radios have more features, and will work with the 4700 or the R10.

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        The 4700 andthe R10 are compatible...but if you are using trimble Access be wary of "glitchiness" . I use R10's with R8-2's and as a best practice I make sure to write a new survey style and change the radio station back and forth on every start up. If I don't sometimes they won't link up even after using the same Survey style and radio channel from thre previous usage... I don't think you will be able to use Glonass satellites with the configuration you are talking about. Also if I recall a static observation with the 4700 takes over 2 hours. You can cut that down to 15 minutes with an R-10. Saving 1 hour and 45 minutes of billable time on every setup seems like a good way to justify the expense of upgrading your equipment. Also I have heard of many improvements of low orbit satellites and vrs solutions provided by Trimble. Curious to hear about what solution you pick. Take care.