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Axis3 Sokkia DGPS Backpack Unit, batteries, charger, cables DEMO UNIT- LOW USAGE $1900 OBO

I recently got engaged!    So....I decided that I need to sell some of my father's left over surveying equipment in order to pay for wedding and family gathering. Let me know if you have any questions or would like some more photos.  This is an Axis 3 Backpack unit - Call 347-263-1455 to speak with Justin about Shipping Easy to use, you can be collecting data in 30 mins, Automatically connects to WAAS, Coast Guard BEACON, or OMNI STAR * Accuracy averages 11/2' to 2' * collect POINTS, AREAS, and…

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Wrong date on Sokkia GRX1 measurments recorded with

Hi,today for the first time I noticed that my GRX1, or perhaps the Spectrum Survey Field (I don't know if it is the software or the GPS) records the measurements with a completely wrong date.When there was the rollover week I installed the recommended firmware on the GRX1 (version 4.7-10). After that I had never noticed if the acquisition date was correct or not.Today, having made a continuous acquisitions, and needing to synchronize the measurements with the data of another instrument…

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I have a SOKKIA SET250X total station in chinese default language andany time I tried to change the language by clicking on 'OTHERS' andLOAD, it always tell me to download the language. Please, how will Igo about changing the default language from chinese to English? Isthere any software for the language conversion? or any method inchanging the language?Thanks in anticipation for your warm reply.

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Travel Back in Time with Sokkia GIR1000

The SOKKIA GIR-1000 system provides reliable and accurate GPS positioning for cost-effective asset control. The software is easy to use, and you can choose the positional accuracy you need for your application; The systems are available for submetric, decimeter and centimetric accuracies. Submeter System Typically, the GIR-1000's Standard Submeter System achieves an accuracy of 2.5 feet (75 cm). This accuracy is still available when a point location is being occupied for a single second, as…

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SRX3 and RC-PR4

Dear friendsI have a Sokkia SRX3 Robotic Total Station and a RC-PR4 remote but I cant connect them together. I have connected the RC-PR4 with my Controler but it cont be connected with the SRX3.The SRX3 can be connented with my controler and works without RC-PR4.What can I do to connect them together

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  • anybody knows error e 003 on sokkia 5G. it is well working before 6 months of storing it. i check it myself before i left for saudi arabia and now its giving me error 003.  Very much appreciated if you can help me out on this brothers...

  • is there is anyone have simulator for sokkia  that works on windows OS ?

    thanks in advanced :)

  • Wanna learn more of the latest Sokkia product, though I am using SCT6. Thanks!



  • I've been having trouble trying to post process points on the spectrum link software, does any one knows how to do it. I have a grx1. thank you.

  • Hello
    i just got an old sokkia set 5f total station but i don't have the manual,
    i would like to know how i can make a setting out using it and how i can make a job and transfer points to autocad or civil 3d
    i wish you can help me
    thank you

  • I am using Leica GS09 GNSS and I also have stations directly under transmission lines. So far, I am impressed with the results.
  • it seems that powerlines affect the accuracies of GPS surveys, i have my own with my Thales Zmax. also wondering why the controls outside powerlines seems to fit nicely and the ones on it gives me at least 5cm in vertical and horizontal results. anybody experiencing this? Have a good day surveyors, God bless us all always.
  • Party Chief
    If you start a new discussion surrounding your topic or question i will be happy to see what I can find on the subject..
  • please if anybody can extend help, we need sokkia 1030r user's manual also can anyone knows what is error 191. thank you in advance.
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