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Lcd for topcon

Good day again to all,Are lcd can be repaired? I have a second thought of buying used instrument. I plan to buy a used topcon instrument model cs-20r but lcd is not clear. Can it be repaired? Thank you all. 

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Topcon Hiper Sr GPS receiver RTK network

Hi Topcon users, I'm looking for a solution for my (Radio Link) problem with the Topcon Hiper SR receiver.I'm trying to get a fixed solution after connecting the Hiper with bluetooth to the FC-5000 (Magnet Field 5.1)  and getting the mouth point and Server connection.after connecting to the server  the system don't get a Radio link.We are using an internet connection (Sim card in the FC-5000) to connect to a reference antenna connected in a RTK network. We have two old receiver (Topcon Hiper…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jon Thordarson Jul 18, 2019

Topcon GTS-235W to TSC3 Serial Connection

I am having a heck of a time getting this gun to zero from my TSC3.  The gun seems to connect as soon as I run "Station Setup" from the collector, but when I tell it to backsight it beeps but does not zero and the collector says instrument error.The baud rate is set to 1200, parity is even, stop bits 2.  I tried going up to 4800 on the baud, but I'm really grabbing at straws.  If anyone has any know how it is greatly appreciated.Thanks,Dan

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FC-5000 Pocket 3D Won't display Full Screen

I was working the field the other day and somehow I managed to glitch out my Pocket 3D to where it will not boot in Full Screen mode.  I have tried using Tablet mode and that doesn't help.  I think its a Windows 10 thing.  Pocket 3D has limited menus for display so I have gone through all the menus and found nothing.I reinstalled the latest version and that didn't work. Any help is appreciated.

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1 Reply · Reply by Jon Thordarson Mar 25, 2019

Topcon GPS file help

I went out and shot a couple points to use for the college course I teach. When I came back to the office my computer crashed with my Topcon tools and Pinnacle on it. Can somebody convert these to rinex for me. And if possible solve the small network.Thank you much, Dave6217.tps6288.tpsctne138.zip6217- Slant :4.83' (1.472m) - Vert.:4.74' (1.445m)           Start: 12:54pm EDT   End: 1:39 pm EDT6288 - Slant:5.155' (1.571m) - Vert: 5.06' (1.542m)            Start: 1:02 pm EDT  End: 1:47 pm EDTHold…

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Topcon Videos

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  • GPT3005 sorry

  • I am using a GRT3005 regarding below desperate plea.

  • Hi all,

    I have a serious problem. Shooting forsights and baksights for my fellow theodlight user on gridlines, I set a nail on that same gridline. When I attempted to interline on that nail, I discovered my foresight and backsite were way off. I was resecting all over the site shooting gridlines using verified verified 5 different backsite. All residuals were within 3 mm. How is this possible? Previously my points, prism and prismless were within two mm of two different top end Leica's, two different professional surveyors. It's a new top me total station running an old version of SurveyPro. Please please help me solve this.

  • *thumbs up*

  • i use only  topcon instruments  such as total station, auto level.

    Easy station,GTS 105,102,235 and e.t.c.AGT G3,G4.


  • I use Topcon Green Lable GTS 105N with Topcon link,

    Ineed a software which enables direct contouring from raw data

  • @Charles:
    Slant Height: yellow arrow
  • hi...i'm using the GPT3005w and GTS-226 total station. just want to ask, what normally caused the H-angle error? both of my total station display the same error on the screen. thanks...
  • Party Chief
  • Hi Charles,

    Please see diagram below.  you measure to the bottom of the unit but you need to make sure that you have it as SLANT on the logger if you are using Topsurv.  Hope this helps.



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