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T Terms in Land Surveying

T Terms

             T (Land Status Records)  – Township.
             TA (Land Status Records)  – Tentative Approval.
             TALL MER (Land Status Records)  – Tallahasee Meridian.
             TC (Land Status Records)  – Timber culture.
             TCP (Land Status Records)  – Timber Cutting Permit.
             TEL (Land Status Records)  – Telephone.
             TELEG (Land Status Records)  – Telegraph.
             TEMP (Land Status Records)  – Temporary.
             TERM (Land Status Record

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Retired Surveyor

A Surveying Terms

A Terms in Land Surveying

A (Land Status Records) – Acre(s). ABC – Airborne Control. See AIRBORNE
ACQ (Land Status Records) – Acquired.
ACSM – American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.
ACT OF CONG (Land Status Records) – Act of Congress.
ADHE (Land Status Records) – Adjusted homestead entry.
ADM S (Land Status Records) – Administrative site.
ADP – Automatic Data Processing.
A&E – Architect and Engineer.
AEC (Land Status Records) - Atomic Energy Commission.
AF (Land Status Recor

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