Hi every bodyI have 2 GPS 530 Leica.But one of them do not give enough satellite  for fixing.And i set up firmware 5.1 and i changed Antenna but again did not give more than 4 satellite.Please tell me how can i do.THANKS.

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2 Replies · Reply by M. P. Jun 23, 2019

How to import Railway alignment data to Total station TS16?

Dear everybody,It's nice to be a part of your 4rum.Firstly, I would like to introduce with you I am Hieu, Survey Manager of Hitachi Railway Line 1 in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Our company has just bought the TS16P 1" for my Survey Team, unfortunately, so far I cannot know how to import our project alignment data including super elevation, slope, cant, etc., to my Total Station.Could you please help me to solve this matter?Thank you so much in advance.Kind regards,Hieu.

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1 Reply · Reply by Justin Farrow Mar 8, 2019

Survey Data Miss match

Hey Surveyors!I have surveyed a land about km square with complected details(roads, streets, buildings, T-Walls, Manholes, Corners etc) but with no traverse extension at the first, now when i have completed it and reached to the first area I was starting from and measuring with the data come from extension of change points in the site show me the errors in horizontal distance, EX: measuring the corner of a building which was measured at the first too,  give me the error of 10cm-even 90cmany…

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TS06 Newbe Question

Hello, I just purchased a Lieca TS06 Plus and unboxed it.  I am used to older Topcon total stations that have  horizontal and vertical locking knobs that serve to either lock the horizontal/vertical movement and also finely turn the total station.The TS06 knobs finely turn the total station, but before I break something, how is the locking/unlocking to manually point the gun, say 180-degrees horizontally accomplished?Thank you very much.-John

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2 Replies · Reply by Justin Farrow Mar 8, 2019

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  • hi guys 

    i search for 

    Leica Infinity software to download  any one can send it to me 

  •  Hi mates,

    Does anyone has the format report names lift slew report.frt like the video as the link below and the attached picture.


    Thank you so much!


  • I have issues in Leica ts11 the stakeout app has been currupted, What to do? Please help.


  • I have  old Wild instrument TC1010.  replaced a memory card battery. After that on GIF10 card reader information rec access bad header. Please Help me!

  • Hi Leica Support Team

     I need your advice on the "one step transformation" process for creating ground coordinates from grid coordinates

    Our project area is a 260 km long proposed railway line corridor. The proposed railway corridor needs to be designed after doing the detailed topographical survey

    The first step followed is : Established 85 pairs of control points (say GPS1 to GPS 85) along the corridor using DGPS.

    Second step: Convert the control point LLH (Lat,Lon,Ht) to grid coordinates (XYZ) based on UTM projection system

    Third step: Convert grid coordinates to Local coordinates using one step transformation with the method - One point localization. Here the localization base is one of the GPS stations (say GPS 83). During one point localization the ground coordinates (i.e Position & Height (P&H)) of all control points are derived w.r.t GPS 83 . Here the paramters for one point localization such as Flase easting,False Northing etc are set using UTM easting and northing of GPS83.

    My question :

    1. For a linear project of 260 km long, is it a right approach to create ground coordinates of all DGPS control points w.r.t to GPS 83 (which is at one end of the corridor) 

    2. Second question is, should multiple DGPS control points (use their UTM grid coordinates) be used for localization which may be spread out in the 260km long corridor

    3. What are the advantages of using one point localization and what are its disadvantages (considering the fact that we need to re convert the ground coordinates back to true UTM coordinates). 

    The proposed alignment is designed on ground coordinates, and the design team is creating railway corridor centerline, right and left corridor points based on ground coordinates.

    KML when created using ground coordinates (assuming they are UTM) cannot be used for visualization in google earth since they don't fall at the right location.

    The final location survey : Where the corridor pillars are pegged on the ground using Total station are w.r.t to ground coordinates.

    The problem here is : the land mapping is done using UTM coordinates (geo-referencing of cadastral maps is done using DGPS coordinates / UTM coordinates), and we need a solution for the problem so that land acquisition proposed using the cadastral maps matches the final location survey.

    Kindly advise



  •  Laica TCR 1103+ not shoot on none reflector mode

    On reflecor mode all ok. How to fix this problem..

                Best Regrads,

                 Kan pinyo


  • Hi Paul,

    I Have a manual, but it is in Portugués. First I though it was Spanish. it was only printed one year ago. you could translate it.

    I know that might be to much, I will try to find one in English.Manual%20da%20%20Esta%C3%A7%C3%A3o%20Total%20Leica%20TC407.pdf

  • Hello Fellow Surveyors,

    I recently purchased a TC407 Total Station. Could someone please tell where I might find a users manual? If anyone can tell me any work arounds for uploading and downloading, what data collector is needed, any work arounds for data collectors, anything about using the instrument would be helpful and appreciated!

    Thank You,

  • Really Leica is the best Surveying equipment
  • Thank for joints

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