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Land Surveying

If you need any type of land surveying, please call ​(904) 712-2289 or fill out our contact form to the right.

For any of the following reasons:

  • So that you can see exactly what land you are buying or selling.
  • To see if there are easement lines for utilities such as water, sewer, drainage ways, power lines, etc. on your property.
  • To know if there are any encroachments like driveways, fences or buildings on the property.
  • To know the exact property line measurements and the precise locations of all structures, fences, or driveways related to those property lines.
  • Land Surveyor can help you determine if you are in a flood hazard zone or complete an elevation certificate.
  • To be able to put up a fence on your property in the correct location.
  • Land Surveying allows you to subdivide your property to divide it among family members.
  • To make sure the building you’re constructing is on the lot, within the setback lines, and not encroaching on any easement lines.
  • To determine if your lot is usable for an onsite septic system. (While technically not a survey, these are commonly done by surveyors.)

The staff at Jacksonville Land Surveying are eager to discuss your land surveying needs. We have experience in all types of land surveying.  Some of these other survey types are more specialized.  These are discussed below along with a brief explanation of each.

Money Saving Hint – if you need boundary lines marked it might be best to do that in the winter when the leaves are off.  Ask us about splitting the job into two parts to accomplish these savings.

If you need any type of land surveying, please call ​(904) 712-2289 or fill out our contact form to the right.