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Land Surveyor's Dictionary is an ongoing community project to crowdsource surveying definitions and terms with examples for the next generation land surveyor to learn from. If you are a Land Surveyor, add a term to the Almanac with its definition and examples. Help improve the collective knowledge of the community by improving upon terms added by other surveyors by commenting with your examples and applications in your local surveying environment.

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W Terms in Land Surveying

W Terms

             W (Land Status Records)  – West.
             WA  – Washington.
             WAA (Land Status Records)  – War Assets Administration.
             WAR DEPT (Land Status Records)  – War Department.
             WASH.  – Washington.  Se

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U Terms in Land Surveying

U Terms

             UA (Land Status Records)  – Unit Agreement.
             UINTAH SPEC MER (Land Status Records)  – Uintah Special Meridian.
             UNAPPROP (Land Status Records)  – Unappropriated.
             UNDET (Land Status Records)  – Un

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T Terms in Land Surveying

T Terms

             T (Land Status Records)  – Township.
             TA (Land Status Records)  – Tentative Approval.
             TALL MER (Land Status Records)  – Tallahasee Meridian.
             TC (Land Status Records)  – Timber culture.

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S Terms in Land Surveying

S Terms

S (Land Status Records)  – South.
             SAH (Land Status Records)  – Soldier’s Additional Homestead.
             SB MER (Land Status Records)  – San Bernardino Meridian.
             SC  – South Carolina.
             SCS (Land Status Rec

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R Terms in Land Surveying

R Terms

             R (Land Status Records)  – Range.
             RB (Land Status Records)  – River Basin.
             RCPL (Land Status Records)  - Reciprocal.
             RD (Land Status Records)  – Road.
             RDS (Land Status Records)  – R

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Q Terms in Land Surveying

Q Terms

QCD (Land Status Records)  – Quitclaim deed.
             QS (Land Status Records)  – Quicksilver.
             QUADRANGLE MAP      – A map of a four sided figure bounded by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude. See

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O Terms in Land Surveying

O Terms

             O  – Ohio.
             O (Land Status Records)  – Order.
             OAS  – Office of Aircraft Services.
             OCS  – Outer Continental Shelf.
             O&C (Land Status Records)  – Oregon and California (revested lands).

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N Terms in Land Surveying

N Terms

             N (Land Status Records)  – North.
             NA (Land Status Records)  – Native Allotment.
             NAV MER (Land Status Records)  – Navajo Merdian.
             NB  – Nebraska.
             NC  – North Carolina.

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M Terms in Land Surveying

M Terms

             M –  Mile, as marked on monuments and/or accessories .
             m – M eter.
             MA –  Massachusett s.
             MAT S (Land Status Records)  – Material site.
             M&B (Land Status Records)  – Metes and Bounds.

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L Terms in Land Surveying

L Terms

             LA.  – Louisiana.
             LA MER (Land Status Records)  – Louisiana Meridian.
             LAT (Land Status Records)  – Latitude.
             LCR  – Lower Colorado River.
             LD (Land Status Records)  -  Interior Land

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J Terms in Land Surveying

J Terms

              JURIS (Land Status Records)  – Jurisdiction.
             JACOB’S STAFF   – A single staff or pole used for mounting a surveyor’s compass or other instrument. Used instead of
               a tripod, a Jacob’s staff is fitted with

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I Terms in Land Surveying

I Terms

             IA  – Iowa.  See Iowa Land Surveyors
             IA (Land Status Records)  – Indian Allotment.
             IAS  – Indian Allotment Survey.
             IBID.  – An abbreviation for  “ibidem,”  a Latin term meaning  “in the same pla

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H Terms in Land Surveying

H Terms

             HB  – Handbook. If in a citation, it means  “House Bill.”
             HDQ S (Land Status Records)  – Headquarters Site.
             HDS (Land Status Records)  – Homestead declaratory statement.
             HE (Land Status Records)

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F Terms in Surveying

F Terms

             F.2d –  In a citation, as 22 F.2d 100, means Federal Reporter, Second Series.
             FAA (Land Status Records)  – Federal Aviation Administration.
             FBX MER (Land Status Records ) – Fairbanks Meridian.

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E Terms in Land Surveying

E Terms

             E (Land Status Records)  – East.
             EC STATION   – 1) Extended control station*. 2) Electronic control station.
             EDM  – Electronic Distance Measurement.
             EDP  – Electronic Data Processing.

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D Terms in Land Surveying

D Terms

             D (Land Status Records)  – Director.
             DC  – District of Columbia.
             DC (Land Status Records)  – Donation claim. See DONATION LAND CLAIM.
             D/C (Land Status Records)  – Ditches and/or Canal.

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