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W Terms in Land Surveying

W Terms

             W (Land Status Records)  – West.
             WA  – Washington.
             WAA (Land Status Records)  – War Assets Administration.
             WAR DEPT (Land Status Records)  – War Department.
             WASH.  – Washington.  Se

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U Terms in Land Surveying

U Terms

             UA (Land Status Records)  – Unit Agreement.
             UINTAH SPEC MER (Land Status Records)  – Uintah Special Meridian.
             UNAPPROP (Land Status Records)  – Unappropriated.
             UNDET (Land Status Records)  – Un

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T Terms in Land Surveying

T Terms

             T (Land Status Records)  – Township.
             TA (Land Status Records)  – Tentative Approval.
             TALL MER (Land Status Records)  – Tallahasee Meridian.
             TC (Land Status Records)  – Timber culture.

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S Terms in Land Surveying

S Terms

S (Land Status Records)  – South.
             SAH (Land Status Records)  – Soldier’s Additional Homestead.
             SB MER (Land Status Records)  – San Bernardino Meridian.
             SC  – South Carolina.
             SCS (Land Status Rec

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R Terms in Land Surveying

R Terms

             R (Land Status Records)  – Range.
             RB (Land Status Records)  – River Basin.
             RCPL (Land Status Records)  - Reciprocal.
             RD (Land Status Records)  – Road.
             RDS (Land Status Records)  – R

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Q Terms in Land Surveying

Q Terms

QCD (Land Status Records)  – Quitclaim deed.
             QS (Land Status Records)  – Quicksilver.
             QUADRANGLE MAP      – A map of a four sided figure bounded by parallels of latitude and meridians of longitude. See

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O Terms in Land Surveying

O Terms

             O  – Ohio.
             O (Land Status Records)  – Order.
             OAS  – Office of Aircraft Services.
             OCS  – Outer Continental Shelf.
             O&C (Land Status Records)  – Oregon and California (revested lands).

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N Terms in Land Surveying

N Terms

             N (Land Status Records)  – North.
             NA (Land Status Records)  – Native Allotment.
             NAV MER (Land Status Records)  – Navajo Merdian.
             NB  – Nebraska.
             NC  – North Carolina.

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M Terms in Land Surveying

M Terms

             M –  Mile, as marked on monuments and/or accessories .
             m – M eter.
             MA –  Massachusett s.
             MAT S (Land Status Records)  – Material site.
             M&B (Land Status Records)  – Metes and Bounds.

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L Terms in Land Surveying

L Terms

             LA.  – Louisiana.
             LA MER (Land Status Records)  – Louisiana Meridian.
             LAT (Land Status Records)  – Latitude.
             LCR  – Lower Colorado River.
             LD (Land Status Records)  -  Interior Land

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J Terms in Land Surveying

J Terms

              JURIS (Land Status Records)  – Jurisdiction.
             JACOB’S STAFF   – A single staff or pole used for mounting a surveyor’s compass or other instrument. Used instead of
               a tripod, a Jacob’s staff is fitted with

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I Terms in Land Surveying

I Terms

             IA  – Iowa.  See Iowa Land Surveyors
             IA (Land Status Records)  – Indian Allotment.
             IAS  – Indian Allotment Survey.
             IBID.  – An abbreviation for  “ibidem,”  a Latin term meaning  “in the same pla

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H Terms in Land Surveying

H Terms

             HB  – Handbook. If in a citation, it means  “House Bill.”
             HDQ S (Land Status Records)  – Headquarters Site.
             HDS (Land Status Records)  – Homestead declaratory statement.
             HE (Land Status Records)

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F Terms in Surveying

F Terms

             F.2d –  In a citation, as 22 F.2d 100, means Federal Reporter, Second Series.
             FAA (Land Status Records)  – Federal Aviation Administration.
             FBX MER (Land Status Records ) – Fairbanks Meridian.

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E Terms in Land Surveying

E Terms

             E (Land Status Records)  – East.
             EC STATION   – 1) Extended control station*. 2) Electronic control station.
             EDM  – Electronic Distance Measurement.
             EDP  – Electronic Data Processing.

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D Terms in Land Surveying

D Terms

             D (Land Status Records)  – Director.
             DC  – District of Columbia.
             DC (Land Status Records)  – Donation claim. See DONATION LAND CLAIM.
             D/C (Land Status Records)  – Ditches and/or Canal.

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