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When a land surveyor locates and establishes points between two survey stations, that act is called ranging. There are two conventional methods of ranging: the direct method and the indirect method.

Direct Ranging Method

This is applicable to situations where the ends of the survey stations are inter-visible. Meaning, you can see point X from point Y and vice versa. 

Indirect Ranging Method

This one is for survey stations that aren’t inter-visible. Ranging rods are set up between the two points or s

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R Terms in Land Surveying

R Terms

             R (Land Status Records)  – Range.
             RB (Land Status Records)  – River Basin.
             RCPL (Land Status Records)  - Reciprocal.
             RD (Land Status Records)  – Road.
             RDS (Land Status Records)  – Reservoir declaratory statement.
             re (Land Status Records)  – Reference.
             RE-CL (Land Status Records)  – Reclassified.
             REC LSE (Land Status Records)  – Recreation lease.
             RECL WDL (Land Status Records)  – R

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