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Setting Out Works Under the Water/ Sea

Dear Surveyors,I am working in a infrastructure Marine project. So I need to do some setting out work under the water. (Concrete Blocks size of =8Mx1.2Mx0.8M) It's around 9 meter depth from sea level. (Sea bed level = - 9.000)*Total station -Leica Builder 503Can any one Help/ suggest me for ,How we can setup the Targets, inside water around 9 meter depth, with maximum accuracy.?Give me a solution.

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Survey Business

Deed Description - Check Lot - Maine

I am looking for a definition of "Check Lot". I have found a deed description that calls for "Check Lot #7", for example.  Can anyone define the term "check" as it is used here.  It is 1 of 16 lots that makes up what appears to be a "School Lot".  Here in Maine the funds obtained from the sale of the timber on said School Lot or the sale of the property itself, was to go to the school(s) in the town.  The Check Lots started with #1 in the SE corner, north through Lot #4, then west to Lot #5,…

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L.A. Stevens and Associates, Inc. is growing and looking for qualified individuals

CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Located in Novato, California, just north of San Francisco, L.A. Stevens & Associates, Inc.has openings for those interested in pursuing a career in land surveying.  Interested parties may apply via our job posts: Land Survey Technician Intern - Land Survey Civil 3D Drafting - Licensed Surveyor (PLS / Survey Chief)

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Please help: How to import railway alignment to Total station TS16

Hello everybody, My name is Beni, I am a newbie and nice to meet everybody here. I am a survey manager of a Railway company. However, this is the first MRT line in my country, so that I cannot know how to import my project alignment to Total station TS16. I am appreciated if you can help me to solve this matter. Also, please refer to the attached for a sort distance for example of my project alignment. Thank you so much in advance. Coordinate_WB_withBrokenChainage VD11.xlsx…

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2 Replies · Reply by Beni_panda Apr 14

TCRA 1105 help

Hi guys,   Newbie here from Australia, I was just wondering if its possible to get powersearch installed onto a Leica TCRA 1105 plus? I read somewhere saying that its an upgradeable option, but not sure if its a credible source? Also does anyone have the programs for the Leica TCRA 1105 plus, like cogo, autorecord, etc? Any help will be appreciated.   Cheers, Taha

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1 Reply · Reply by Taha Apr 10