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Land Surveyor

Orange County Chapter - California Land Surveyors Association - CA LS Exam Review Class

Good afternoon everyone, Trying to get licensed in California or just want to brush up on topics not encountered everyday? Sign up for our 2021 OC-CLSA LS Review Class! This opportunity only comes around once a year. These excellent instructors have taken time out of their busy day to share the wealth of knowledge they have acquired over a lifetime of surveying.  This year we've moved the entire course online and all meetings will be held virtually via Zoom.  No need to add another drive to…

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Student Surveyor

Seeking Professional Surveying Relationships to Earn NCEES/Board Referrals

I would like to apply for licensure as a professional land surveyor in Nevad and California.Recently, I received a BAS degree in geomatics/land surveying (this is my second undergraduate degree), passed the FS exam, passed the PS exam, and became registered as a Land Surveyor Intern (LSI) in Nevada and a Land Surveyor in Training (LSIT) in California.My land surveying experience spans well beyond four years, but is with one firm that has one licensed professional.To apply for licensure, I need…

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1 Reply · Reply by Justin Farrow Jun 24, 2020
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Not a Surveyor

Introduction to Roads, Road Law Expert

Paul J. Alfano is a recognized authority on New Hampshire road law, including paper streets, discontinuances and ownership disputes.  He has written leading articles on the subject and delivered numerous lectures over the past thirty years, and maintains a steady stream of blogs and shorter articles on these topics.   Alfano Law Office's website is a rich source of information on public and private roads, including a free guide to New Hampshire public and private road law. Paul also represents…

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1 Reply · Reply by J Keith Maxwell Jan 6, 2020
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Survey Business

Island Property Line V's Lot Line/BL/Plat

I know there's great solid discussions out there but I have an Island Question,   An Island property surrounded by roads on each side no adjoining land owners only city streets, The BL shown on the sales survey could eiher be the building extents line where you could build to or Boundary line, It looks like it matches the original 1930's plat survey. The Local Zoning dept.  relate all the set backs requirements to the Property line and don't refer to Lot lines,plats etc.  I would consider that…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jesus F. Pacheco Apr 25
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Community Related Forums

Hi.. low cost precision GPS in Sunnyridge

Hi everyone   I am not a surveyor. I play with low cost precision GPS for a number of purposes such as structure monitoring, precise navigation and positioning, remote control etc I also combine real time image (video) monitoring of structures that incorporates neural networks that learns objects and reports anomalies related to these objects. There does not seem to be many people that does the same and information is very scrappy and hard to find.   If you want to know more please feel free to…

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1 Reply · Reply by ⚡Survenator⌁ yesterday
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Baseline - how to establish between base and rover Advice Needed

Good day all I am not a surveyor but I play with GPS and specifically precision low cost units for precise positioning and navigation over dangerous terrain or for placement and remote control of machinery. The question that I have is how is the baseline between the Base and Rover established (calculated)when RTK is in progress? Is it the horizontal distance or is it the hypotenuse?   In the above I have a Base at point A that is 10 meters away from the Rover at point B and it is also 10…

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2 Replies · Reply by Anton yesterday
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Land Surveyor

DTM with drone

Hi guys, I am using a fixed-wing drone to get aerial images for a long route (50km) I use GPS PPK to process the precise locations of each image for precise geotagging, I am using DroneDeploy to get the DTM but the problem is that DroneDeploy is giving the DTM in Geographic system and ellipsoidal heights and I have to give the DTM in MSL heights using local geoid file. any idea how to solve this?

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