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Terminating Employment

Terminating Employment.  Has any manager ever had to terminate the employment of a fellow worker?  I have had to do this only two times.  It hurts me to think about it.  I am wondering what your thoughts on this are and what the best way of handling this would be.  Of course I have my own opinion, what is yours? 

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Survey Operators / Instrument person....button pusher?

Hi Guys,I look after the survey department of a construction company that service the mining houses in South-Africa. I've worked on various mega projects around RSA and have gained a fairly good insight and understanding of the gears of civil industry. Now, to come to my point. I recently worked on 2 projects in New Zealand. I worked with a one man station and a labourer. I was requested to transfer the "survey skill" onto the individual that was working with me as a labourer. I saw this as a…

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  • hmmmn, since two of you are complaining i will give you -1, that's our job, not the clearing but to ensure the accuracy of our lines and points.   we do it with bolos, exercise with pay hmmmn.
  • Howzit Mark, sorry to say, mate, this problem, curse, issue have been with us for many years and I have not found a solution other than the one you described. When we do cadastral work (township boundaries) we set out the block corners and run lines from there. So we also end up clearing lines. We use chopping knives, bush axes, panga's (like a machete). We have the benefit of fairly cheap labour. I invested in a brush cutter (A whead eater with a fixed blade) and found this the most efficient way to open lines. We have constant traffic back to the working vehicle - pegs, white wash, nails, hammers and various other odds and sodds that the team do not carry around. Mate, I think we are stuck with this one - occupational pain in the southern region.
  • I live, work and am a licensed surveyor in the state of Florida where we do almost all types of surveying that is ordered. We do many lot/mortgage surveys. We also do large sectional/acreage type surveys were the lines must often be cleared by machine (mower) or by hand (machete). We rarely get the advantage of access to a mower and there are many areas where a mower can't access (wetlands, ditch crossings, etc.). This isn't a comment but rather a question that I hoped would spark some comment. How many of you guys often clear line by hand with a machete, sometimes for days? I prefer a machete to a bush axe due to the convenience, weight and less labor involved. It is less labor intensive to swing a machete all day than a bush axe. We usually only have a 2 man crew and have other tools we must carry through the woods (total station, prism rod, magnetic locator, shovel, data collector, field book, measuring tapes, flag stakes, flagging and nails) without having to make the, sometimes could be a mile long trip back to the work vehicle. Sometimes we use a 4 wheeler but there isn't always accessable trails near the survey lines. Again would anyone like to comment on line clearing?
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